Where are you based? My time is split between Bristol where I am from and Birmingham where I go to University. In term time I live in Birmingham while during the holidays Bristol.

How old are you? I am currently 21. For more information about me, check out 'The Girl' page.

Who does your nails? I will often paint my own nails but on occasion have shellac done at a salon. I don't really wear false nails or extensions. 

Would you like to follow each other? I don't do 'follow for follows' but feel free to link your blog in the comments and if I like your blog I will follow it.

Can I use your photo's or blog idea's? I don't mind people using my photo's or idea as long as you ask me first (via Twitter or Email) and link the post back to my blog.

What camera do you use? I use the Cannon 700D with either the kit lens or Canon 40mm lens.

Where are your favourite places to shop? My favourite places to shop are Asos, New Look, Topshop, Zara and Pull and Bear.

What's your day job? I am currently in my fourth year of University studying marketing.

Do you have a media kit? Yes I do! Click here to view it.

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