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How To Plan Your Home For A More Organised Life

28 March 2020
With it looking like the majority of us will find ourselves spending more and more time at home in the coming months, this is the perfect time to get organised. Earlier this year I moved into my first home, and being the perfectionist I am, every inch of it has been planned to offer optimal storage and organisation. Not only does this make things easier to find, but has allowed us to live a tidy and minimalist lifestyle without having to get rid off all of our 'stuff'. So keep reading for my top tips on how to plan your home for a more organised life...

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1. Look For Furniture With Hidden Storage

Storage furniture isn't always the prettiest and when you're lacking space, extra furniture isn't always an option. Instead look for necessity furniture with hidden storage - think ottoman beds or storage stools. We've got an ottoman bed, which is perfect for hiding away our suitcases and seasonal clothes, and also an ottoman sofa where we hide our dvd's and board games. 

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2. Combine The Decorative With The Practical 

There are always going to be some ugly items in your home that you will want to hide away but where possible, try to look for things that are pretty and practical. Books and candles make lovely home decor whilst still having a function. You can also do this with more boring items such as coasters or placemats.

3. Give Everything A Home

I truly believe that when every item in your home has a place, it is a lot easier to keep things tidy and organised. So, if you're struggling to organise your home, then why not have a clear out?  Then to avoid it happening again, start to operate a one in, one out policy. Buy a new top? Then donate one that you no longer wear. Alternatively, if you don't have room for your potential purchase at home, then perhaps you shouldn't be buying it anyway!

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4. Utilise Baskets, Jars and Trays 

There's a reason why Marie Kondo is a fan of baskets, jars and trays, as they are great at keeping things organised and  force you into sorting those odd bits and bobs that are difficult to find a place for. Now I'm not saying you need to go basket crazy and use them everywhere in your home but consider using them in areas you find get messy quickly like the bathroom or the kitchen cupboards.

5. Routine

They say it takes 21 days to get into the habit of doing something, so why try to get into the habit of tidying and cleaning more regularly? There's nothing worse than having to spend hours cleaning one room because you were too lazy to tidy up after yourself, so set aside 10 minutes every day to rebalance the status quo. For me that means making the bed, putting away clothes, plumping the sofa cushions and any other little jobs before I go to work in the morning. That way when I come home tired after a long day of work I can relax rather than stress about mess.

How do you keep your home organised?

Eleanor xx