The New 'It' Skirt

5 February 2018
Every once in a while the fashion blogger community will have an 'it' piece. This is never intentional but somehow every blogger ends up with one key item that you will see everywhere that season. Back in the day (oh god I sound so old) it was the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, more recently it was the New Look Striped Jumper (now only available in maternity online) or that sold out Topshop checked dress. Sometimes you can spot them other times you spot them when it's too late and the item is sold out.

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What I'm Wearing | New Look Polo Neck, ASOS Skirt, M&S Coat, Primark Beret, Ray Ban SunglassesMissoma Necklace, Office Boots, Coach Bag

I ordered this skirt at the beginning of January and have been obsessed ever since I first spotted it on ASOS. Check patterns continue to big a huge trend, one that I can only see getting bigger as we move into spring, and this skirt ticks all of the boxes. It's vintage school girl vibe makes it super cute and the colour threads of cream, red and black make it super wearable. Teamed with a beret and a simple polo neck, the skirt really shines as the 'It' piece that it is.

Unfortunately I am not the only one who spotted this skirts potential and like all good 'It' pieces it has sold out. Luckily ASOS also have another very similar skirt that is equally as gorgeous but if you want it you'll have to be quick as sizes 4,6 and 10 have already gone. In fact most websites I looked on for alternatives had sold out of their checked skirts. The only one I could still find in stock in all sizes was this Zara beauty

So the moral of this story is. If you love it, buy it. Because you never know what the next sell out 'It' piece will be.

Eleanor xx
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