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Why Instagram Is Getting Me Down

25 February 2018
Ah Instagram. It's like the ex that no matter how many times they hurt you, you keep finding yourself running back into their arms. Once madly in love and a little bit obsessed, your relationship has changed (thanks to that pesky algorithm) and has become incredibly hard work. 

Social media was never designed to be hard work. It was designed as an online platform to meet new people, make friends and share the things you love with like minded people not for competition and advertising. It is so frustrating when you post a photo to your followers (real people who have basically said 'Yes I want to see their photos!') and Instagram will only show that post to half of your following. It's equally frustrating when I see paid for ads from accounts I already follow because why should they have to pay to appear in my feed?

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But it's not just the algorithm that's getting me down, it's the way I constantly compare myself to others. By that I don't mean your typical 'omg she is so much prettier/skinnier/etc than me' I mean that I compare my account to others. I'll see someone doing an AD for a brand and click on their profile to see how many followers they have. If they have less or about the same as myself, I'll start wondering why they were picked over me. Or I'll see accounts I love growing their following and hitting big milestones, and while I'm happy for them, I'll feel down because my account isn't growing as quickly. It's toxic and I hate that this is the person I've become.

I work hard using every spare minute I have at the weekend to take photos for my Instagram, I try to post everyday and also engage with other people, yet nothing seems to work. As soon as my followers go up they fall straight back down, my engagement is still a lot lower than it was before the algorithm change and in all honesty I don't have enough money to pay to advertise my posts. I could cheat and buy more followers but we all know my opinion on that.

The other day one of the girls from work mentioned that she'd heard of this new social app called Vero that is apparently like Instagram but without ads and algorithm, we were all intrigued but wary that it may never take off. Then just the next day I was watching Vix Meldrew's Instagram stories and she mentioned this app again saying that is had already crashed because so many people were downloading it. After looking at reviews of the app on the App Store I realised that I wasn't ready to move on to someone new. These apps are all the same. They lure you in with their promises but as soon as they gain a bit of confidence they ruin your relationship through advertising and money making schemes. So despite how much I hate Instagram it's better the devil you know. Maybe one day they will realise the errors of their ways and we can relive 'the good old days'. But for now I'll keep trying to make things work, until eventually something better comes along.

Eleanor xx

Jeans and a Nice Top

16 February 2018
No bad ever came out of someone being too prepared and that is the approach I am taking for SS18. So while it might be raining outside and sometimes snowing on occasion, nothing is going to stop me preparing for spring even if it is over a month away.

To me, spring is the season for 'jeans and a nice top'. Of course, a classic combo for anytime of the year, the english weather during springtime makes 'jeans and a nice top' perfectly suited to this season. Often too cold for a skirt but too warm for a coat, the thickness of denim will keep you warm while you can finally show off all of those pretty blouses that have been hiding underneath jumpers and coats throughout winter. But just because your wearing what is effectively jeans and a nice top, it doesn't mean your outfit has to be boring. Keep reading to see what I'll be wearing this season...

There is nothing more striking than an all white outfit. Simple and pure yet ever so daring (and no I don't mean because of how easily white stains)! That combined with pretty lace just screams spring to me enter the Coast Itzel top*Designed in a pretty floral lace with a high neck and tie back detail, the Izel Lace Top is perfect for both a day out shopping or a romantic meal out. Playing with smart/casual vibes, I've paired it with raw hem denim culottes (a comfortable alternative to skinny jeans) and these simple natural heels from Office.

What I'm Wearing | Coast Jemima Spot Mesh Top*, Asos Jeans, Ice Watch, Coach Bag, Office Boots

For a slightly more classic option I've gone with the Jemima Spot Mesh top* paired with simple black jeans. Black and white spots were quite big last summer and I can only see them being even bigger this year having featured on the catwalks of Carolina Herrera and Rodarte. The simple mesh overlay and cutaway shoulders make this delicate top ever so flattering and one I can see myself wearing quite often this coming season.

What will you be wearing this spring?

Eleanor xx

*Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post but Coast did kindly send me this dress. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never talk about a product to my readers that I would not buy myself. For more information please see my full disclaimer.

How To Dress For A Formal Event

11 February 2018
When you spend most of your time at work and uni, knowing how to dress for those special occasions can be a challenge. Last year I was invited to my first ever wedding and I had no clue what to wear. I knew white was a no go but what colour was acceptable? How do you find the right balance between sophisticated and saucy? Where do you find the perfect outfit? But after a lot of shopping, searching Pinterest and one successful wedding, I have the answer to fail-safe event dressing. So whether you're going to your first wedding or are having a day at the races here are a few tips to help you out...

Choosing the right fabric is so important to an occasion dress. You are likely to have your photo taken so make sure the dress isn't see through. Ask a friend to take a flash photo of you before you go out to make sure you're not caught out. Opt for classic fabrics and patterns like lace and silk rather than sequins or lycra. You don't want to steal the show from the guest of honour by looking like a walking disco ball.

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Less is more

If you're worried about how to dress and you don't have a friend to compare outfits with, then play it safe. Bold dresses are beautiful but you will stand way more in a canary yellow Beyoncé style dress than in a simple dress in a classic colour. Not what you want if you've got the dress code wrong. A classic pale pink or peach will never go out of style and will work for a wide variety of events.

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Quality over Quantity

I love a bargain as much as the next girl but now is not the time to be stingy. While you may get 5 dresses from Boohoo for the same price as one dress from an affordable luxury retailer, you will really notice the difference in quality. A dress from a higher quality retailer will be more structured, properly lined and most importantly not see through! This is very important when you will be having your photo taken a lot. Coast is always my go-to high street retailer when it comes to occasion wear, especially for weddings or proms. So while their dresses are a bit more expensive, they are worth the investment and the right dress will see you through a wide range of events.

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Top or Bottom

There's nothing worse than turning up to a family event in a short skirt and your grandma or weird uncle say 'Is that a belt or a skirt?'. While I'm all for wearing whatever the hell you want, sometimes, being more conservative can save you a lot of grief.  It may also be more appropriate, for example at a Church wedding. So finding that balance and showing the right amount of skin is important. I try to stick to the rule that you either show more of your top half or more of your bottom half. So if I'm wearing a short dress, I'll make sure it doesn't show a lot of cleavage and/or is long sleeved. This off the shoulder dress gets the balance just right. Showing a bit of shoulder and dĂ©colletage but it's longer in length, finishing just below the knees.

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Footloose and Fancy Free

The one thing that holds me back from having a good time is uncomfortable shoes. Unless you are going to be sat down all day, you need shoes that you can walk in and don't cause too much pain. While this pair from Office are high, the ankle strap makes them quite easy to walk in compared to a court shoe.

Coast, tanya, lace, shift, dress, off the shoulder, pink, event, classic, dressing, tips, wedding, style

What are your tips for event dressing?

Eleanor xx

*Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post but Coast did kindly send me this dress. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never talk about a product to my readers that I would not buy myself. For more information please see my full disclaimer.

The New 'It' Skirt

5 February 2018
Every once in a while the fashion blogger community will have an 'it' piece. This is never intentional but somehow every blogger ends up with one key item that you will see everywhere that season. Back in the day (oh god I sound so old) it was the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, more recently it was the New Look Striped Jumper (now only available in maternity online) or that sold out Topshop checked dress. Sometimes you can spot them other times you spot them when it's too late and the item is sold out.

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What I'm Wearing | New Look Polo Neck, ASOS Skirt, M&S Coat, Primark Beret, Ray Ban SunglassesMissoma Necklace, Office Boots, Coach Bag

I ordered this skirt at the beginning of January and have been obsessed ever since I first spotted it on ASOS. Check patterns continue to big a huge trend, one that I can only see getting bigger as we move into spring, and this skirt ticks all of the boxes. It's vintage school girl vibe makes it super cute and the colour threads of cream, red and black make it super wearable. Teamed with a beret and a simple polo neck, the skirt really shines as the 'It' piece that it is.

Unfortunately I am not the only one who spotted this skirts potential and like all good 'It' pieces it has sold out. Luckily ASOS also have another very similar skirt that is equally as gorgeous but if you want it you'll have to be quick as sizes 4,6 and 10 have already gone. In fact most websites I looked on for alternatives had sold out of their checked skirts. The only one I could still find in stock in all sizes was this Zara beauty

So the moral of this story is. If you love it, buy it. Because you never know what the next sell out 'It' piece will be.

Eleanor xx