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Finding The Words

30 January 2017
Sometimes writing about fashion and beauty feels so wrong when arguably there are so many more important things going on in the world that we could be talking about. This has certainly been in the back of my mind these past few days as I've struggled to find the right words to accompany these photos that Karl shot of my outfit last Thursday. 

I could go into depth about how bitterly cold it was in Birmingham that day (hence why my hands are in my pockets in most photos) and they are slightly blurry in places from Karl shivering, or perhaps about how these boots rubbed my ankles causing them to bleed on the way to the bus stop, even though they're not new and they've never rubbed before.
I could tell you about how I wish this Pull & Bear belt was actually a Gucci belt or how I've been so obsessed with layering my summer camis with my winter polo necks but somehow it all seems irrelevant. 

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What I'm Wearing | M&S Coat, Missguided Cami, Primark Polo Neck Jumper, Pull & Bear Belt (similar)Topshop Jeans, Office Boots (ON SALE)

But while talking about frivolous fashions feels wrong, I don't think we should stop. I like to think that my blog may provide at least one person a bit of light relief or a chance to escape (even if only for a minute) from the strange world in which we live, as I know that reading other blogs and watching Youtube videos brighten my day and inspire me. 
We can't let the tough times hold us back. Use the tough times to push you to do the best you can in anyway you can. Keep contributing positively and trust that together we can overcome injustice.

Eleanor xx

New Year Gym Essentials

1 January 2017
While I believe you can make a positive change at any time in your life, if there is something you've wanted to do but have been putting it off for a while, the New Year is the perfect opportunity to do it. Now is your time.
I know for many people their New Year's Resolution will be something along the lines of eating healthier and keeping fit. Personally my resolution is to not start but keep going to the gym (not only because I've paid for my membership) but because I've actually started enjoying it. 

Now in Secondary School P.E was not my favourite subject. While as a child I enjoyed various sports including ballet, badminton, swimming and horse riding, P.E often involved Netball, Hockey or Circuits, none of which I was particularly good at. My lack of passion for competitive sports plus my hatred for the compulsory P.E kit meant that through parts of my teenage years I avoided exercise at every possible cost. So when a few months ago Karl suggested that we both get gym memberships and start going each day after Uni, I was apprehensive to say the least. But after a bit of persuading I begrudgingly signed up and we started going for a 30-45 minute work out 5 days a week. A couple of weeks of hard work and sweat, I realised that Karl was no longer dragging me along with him but I was going because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing my stick insect arms become more toned and muscular and not having to struggle to get my skinny jeans over my thighs. I enjoyed how empowered I felt as I pushed myself a little harder each day. I enjoyed the energy boost of a great workout.

I'd become that girl. The gym girl.

But every gym girl has her essentials right? For me it starts off with some cute exercise clothes. If I buy myself nice clothes especially for the gym, then I'll want to wear them and I can only do that at the gym. My go to tends to be some 3/4 cropped leggings (I find that long leggings emphasise how skinny my ankles are in comparison to my chunky thighs), then a supportive razor back sports bra, a lightweight vest over the top and off course some comfortable trainers. While I'm not fussy about branded sportswear and will quite often buy my workout clothes from Primark, my trainers have to be proper sports trainers preferably from Nike.

Another thing I can't go to the gym without is a bottle of water. I don't like the taste of some tap water but bottled water can be quite expensive if you buy it all the time so I prefer to use my BRITA Fill and Go water bottle as it filters the water as you drink it. Not only does it make my water taste better but the straw makes it easy to drink out of, while I'm on the cross trainer, without spilling water all down myself.

While my gym does play music, I prefer to listen to my own Spotify workout playlist in the gym. Full of feel good, empowering, up beat songs it keeps me motivated throughout my workout so I can go a little longer and harder on the treadmill. But you cannot listen to music without headphones and that's why I always keep my Urbanz Sportz Headphones* in my gym bag. I don't like to spend too much money on headphones as when I've bought expensive headphones in the past I've lost them or broken them by accident, Urbanz are a nice in between, as they are good quality but not too expensive. The Sportz headphones also don't fall out of my ears when running like buds do but don't hurt my ears like on ear headphones, making them perfect for my workouts.

So is it New Year, new you? Or is your New Year's Resolution to simply keep doing the changes you made during 2016? I'd love to know whatever they are, or even perhaps what some of your workout essentials are, just let me know in the comments below!

Happy New Year! 

Eleanor xx