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8 December 2016
Is there really a bigger make up faux pas than your foundation not matching your neck? We've all been there. You buy a foundation from the drugstore or online and the shade just isn't quite right. Or you fake tan and while your foundation may look perfect on day 1 by day 3 or 4 your tan has faded and your face is darker than your body. Nightmare. But what can you do? No one wants to buy two shades of every foundation they own but then that whole unblended, orange face look that was popular in secondary school isn't particularly desirable either. That's where The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops come in.

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Now I know that white foundations are not a new concept but as far as I'm aware there weren't many drugstore products designed to alter your foundation shade before The Body Shop launched the product earlier this year. Coming in two shades (one to lighten, one to darken) The Body Shops Shade Adjusting Drops are designed to, of course, adjust the shade of your foundation but in a way that doesn't make your skin look orange or ashy. The lightening shade is packed with white and pink pigments to neutralise orange or yellow undertones while the darkening shade contains a concentration of red and black pigments to avoid ashy undertones.

Coming in a simple and sleek glass bottle with a black pipette to easily distribute the product, this product moves away from the colourful plastic packaging that I would usually associate with The Body Shop to something a lot more elegant and grown up. Priced at £10 it will not break the bank and costs a lot less than buying multiple shades of your foundation especially if like me, your favourite foundation costs about £30.

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But the real question is, is it any good? While I cannot speak for the darkening shade as I have not tried it, the lightening shade is a great product. It does exactly what it says on the tin, lightening my foundation without changing the consistency or making my skin look a weird colour. But as the product says, it is very pink toned. While this may be alright in small quantities, if you have a warm or neutral undertone and plan on using a high ratio of this to your foundation, it will change your foundation's undertone and therefore may not suit your skin tone. Therefore it would be great if they developed the line further for products to suit different undertones.

body shop, foundation drops, shade, lightening, white,foundation, review, shade, makeup, colour, budget

On The Body Shop's website it states that 1 drop of this product changes your foundation by half a shade but the reality is that this is impossible to measure because the pipette doesn't work. Sometimes you will pick up massive blobs of the product while other times nothing. It's a great idea but maybe needs a bit of tweaking so that you can pick up the product and disperse it with ease. 

Apart from the pipette this is a really great product for the price that works really well for my skin type and skin tone. It solves the major problem that I had with my skin tone varying as my tan fades and I never need to worry about a foundation being too dark for my untanned pale skin again. I'd be really interested to see how the darkening drops work on the other end of the scale for girls that find foundations are too light for them.

Have you tried The Body Shop's Shade Adjusting Drops before?

Eleanor xx
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