The Only Eyeshadow Palette You Need This Autumn

9 November 2016
As the weather changes many of us like to change our makeup routine with it. Gone are the lashings of bronzer, bright stains or pretty tints and in come the warm earthy tones and dark lips. Thus in the quest to achieve the perfect autumn winter eye makeup I have been searching for a palette containing red tones as opposed to your standard neutral browns and beiges. I considered ordering myself a Kyshaddow Palette but £34 plus shipping for 9 eyeshadows and a whole load of hassle trying to get my hands on one didn’t really appeal. It wasn’t until I was scrolling down Instagram one day that I spotted the Morphe 350 palette and immediately had to know more. 

Morphe, swatches, 350, 350m, review, Eyeshaddow, palette, fall, autumn, winter, red, matte, shimmer

Morphe, swatches, 350, 350m, review, Eyeshaddow, palette, fall, autumn, winter, red, matte, shimmer

The Morphe 350 palette comes in 3 variations: matte, shimmer and original. Each palette contains 35 eyeshadows and costs £21.75, working out at £0.62 per eyeshadow which is incredible value for money. I opted for the matte version as I have quite a lot of shimmery eyeshadows that I never use yet find myself hitting pan on my matte shadows. As you can see from my swatches the eyeshadows are highly pigmented, my only gripe would be is that they are more powdery than higher quality eyeshadows like that of Urban Decay which are creamy, but for £0.62 an eyeshadow you can’t really complain. As they are a little bit powdery it can take a bit longer to blend them properly but yet again for the price you expect it.


As for the packaging it is sleek and simple. The clasp is secure and the palette doesn’t feel flimsy, although I should note that it doesn’t contain a mirror. Also none of the eyeshadows have names, which again isn’t the end of the world but it would’ve been nice. But for me what shines about this palette is the selection of colours. There is a lovely selection of cool and warm toned browns, beige's, oranges and reds, ranging from light to dark. There is a colour to suit everyone and every shade is perfect for this season.

What do you think of the Morphe 350m Palette?

Eleanor xx
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