What Is Our Obsession With Liquid Lipsticks?

12 September 2016
Everyone from Kylie Jenner to instagram Grandma's has one, and with every major brand jumping on the bandwagon I find myself asking "What is our obsession with liquid lipsticks?"
In the past I've never been a fan of matte lipsticks. Having naturally quite dry lips I found them to be too drying and would always opt for formulas like that of the amplified finish from Mac instead to get the right balance between moisture and pigmentation. But with the trend towards liquid lipsticks growing ever more increasingly popular I decided to take the plunge and see what all the hype was about.

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If I had the money and patience my first liquid lipstick purchase would have obviously been from King Kylie and her brand Kylie Cosmetics, I then considered Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks but with all the drama surrounding him I decided it was perhaps best to not support his brand. Of course there are many other high end brands I could've tried but with so many drugstore brands bringing out their own liquid lipsticks at a much lower price point I decided to try one of those first before investing into more expensive liquid lipsticks.

After much debate I picked up 2 of NYX's Lip Lingerie's in the colours Satin Ribbon and Push Up which are both gorgeous pinky nude colours with a brown undertone. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is very mousse like which I like as it is easy to apply, it's highly pigmented and also dries quickly. I've heard that lots of liquid lipsticks you have to wait for them to set for quite a while, this isn't the case with NYX's Lip Lingerie's as once it's applied you are ready to go. The product does wear well but can fade along the inner part of the lip after eating and drinking so you may have to reapply throughout the day. You can also feel the product sitting on your lips with can feel quite drying and uncomfortable if you haven't prepped your lips properly.

NYX, Lip Lingerie, Liquid Lipstick, Kylie Jenner, Lip Kit, Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Beauty, Blogger, Review

But despite all its flaws, I'm strangely addicted to the shade Satin Ribbon as it is the perfect nude lipstick for my skintone. But it's not just the shade I love but how the lipstick looks on. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to slightly over line my lips without having to use a lip liner and gives my lips the appearance of looking fuller. The matte flawless finish makes me feel like I've stepped out of an instagram picture or I should be walking round wearing the snapchat dog filter. But the best thing about this product though has to be the fact I can kiss my boyfriend without covering him in lipstick which he loves to.

While the NYX Lip Lingerie is a decent liquid lipstick I'm not saying it's the best on the market. But despite this it has given me a taste of the liquid lipstick life and hooked me with the matte, full and flawless finish, so for this reason I will probably buy more liquid lipsticks in the future because I am well and truly obsessed.

Eleanor xx

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