What To Take To University - The Complete Guide

12 May 2016
Moving out can be a stressful time especially if you're going to uni. You may be worried about living somewhere new or making friends but thanks to this handy list I've complied one thing you won't be worried about is forgetting anything. Of course this list may need adapting to where you are living (if you're living in a house you may need extra items or your halls may provide some of the things on this list) but it covers most things you will need. You may question me when I suggest that you need 2 sets of crockery and towels but they will seriously come in handy, though do try to bear in mind that you have to get all of these things to your new home so try to find the right balance between having everything you need and not over packing. Even if you're not going to Uni and just moving out you might find this list helpful! Anyway let's get onto the list...

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Fake, flowers,white, roses, elle, shoe, storage, uni, university, halls, nail, varnish, take, bring, list, help, adviceKitchen
Sauce pans (at least 2)
Frying Pan
Baking Tray
Chopping Boards
Sieve and/or Colander 
Cheese Grater
Small Dish (for homemade lasagna or pasta bake)
Dinner Plates
Side Plates
Cereal Bowls
Pasta Bowls
Measuring Jug
Plastic Storage Containers
Sharp Knives 
Potato Peeler
Potato Masher
Tin Opener
Wooden Spoon and/or Spatula
Tea Towels
Oven Gloves
Washing Up Liquid 

Pillow Cases
Pillow and Mattress Protectors
Mattress Topper
Bed Sheets
Scatter Cushions (optional)
Blanket (optional)
Hand Towels
Bath Towels

External Hard Drive
Chargers (phone, laptop etc.)
Printer (optional)
Desk Lamp

Washing/ Cleaning
Fold Up Wash Basket
Clothes Rack
Washing Tablets
Bin Bags
Bathroom/ Kitchen/ Toilet Cleaner

Optional Decorative Items
A Small Desk Mirror
Fairy Lights
Fake Flowers

Want more tips and tricks about what to take to uni? Check out this video that I've done on my YouTube Channel...

I'd love to hear if you're going to Uni this September or if you've already been to Uni perhaps you could share some of your experiences in the comments below!  

Eleanor xx
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