I Did It... I Made A YouTube Video

1 May 2016
So I finally gathered my courage and did it. I made a YouTube video. I'm guilty to admit t that YouTube was my first love but watching beauty and fashion videos is what introduced me to the beautiful world of blogging. But despite this I've always been scared to take the leap and make videos myself until now. 

This video is my way of testing the water, trying it out to see if I like it before I take a plunge and commit to YouTube as well as blogging (YouTube will never be a substitute for my blog, only an addition to it). It was a bit awkward and nerve wracking sitting in my bedroom on my own and talking to my camera and I'm sure that will probably come across a little in the video. This is only my first video though and I know that it is in no way perfect, not even by a mile, but if I keep at this I can only improve.

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Now that little explanation is out of the way you're probably wondering what I decided to do for my first ever video? Well I decided to do a haul showing some clothes and other bits that I've picked up recently. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen me mention that there was a student night on at my local shopping centre this week and I was lucky enough to pick up a few things. 

As I learned while editing the video it was not possible to edit in cut away's to show me trying on the clothes so I thought I'd do a try on blog post so that you could see what everything I bought looked like on. I won't be talking about any of the things I bought though in this post, so if you want to hear that check out the video, but I will leave links for everything down below.

Boohoo Sarah Lingerie Style Lacey Cami - £14

Topshop Petite Stripe Top - £20

River Island Black Velvet Choker - £5

Vans Leather Old Skool Zip Shoes - £65

WATCH MY VIDEO HERE | https://youtu.be/IR-V4CVSWI0

I'd love to hear your feedback and opinion on whether I should film more videos, let me know down below!

Eleanor xx
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