My Top Travel Essentials

4 April 2016
Whether I'm going for a quiet weekend away in England, a long holiday abroad or just visiting my boyfriend there a few products that I just cannot bear to leave home without; my travel essentials. Initially this post was going to comprise all of beauty related products but I changed my mind and included a few non beauty essentials at the end for those of you wondering what else I cannot live without when traveling. 

Also just a little disclaimer, not all of the products were photographed because I just couldn't get them all to look 'pretty' together (pathetic I know) but don't worry I've included links for everything so you can see what I'm talking about.

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Batiste Dry Shampoo
Let's be honest when you're traveling you don't always have time to wash your hair. I often have a jam packed schedule when I go away and with a little bit of dry shampoo spritzed on my roots I know I can hold out an extra day until I was my hair. It's not a substitute for washing your hair but a beauty aid on those days when your roots are looking a little bit greasy. I've used Batiste for years and because of their great range there is a product for everyone no matter your hair colour or type.

A Lip Balm
This may be a habit that I picked up when I was on Isotretinoin (or Roaccutane as it's more commonly known) as it made my lips incredibly dry, but I cannot leave the house without a lip balm. Whether that be a Burt's Bee's Lip Balm or just good old Vaseline, anything is better than having dry and crusty lips. Dry lips can often be caused by air conditioning when you travel, so if you remember anything on this list I beg that you remember lip balm.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade 
Even if I'm not wearing any other makeup I immediately feel more myself if I have my brows filled in as naturally my brows are quite sparse. Since trying Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade (wow that was a mouth full) I could never be converted back to my old ways of brow pencils or powders as nothing else lasts like this. When I use this product my brows never smudge or fade as it is waterproof so it will last through practically anything. This product is so worth the hype that it has to come with me everywhere I travel.

My Favourite Mascara
Like filling in my brows putting on even just a little bit of mascara will make me feel more myself even if I'm extremely tired or jet lagged. Mascara instantly brightens and widens my eyes by distracting from my sometimes terrible under eye bags and enhancing my natural features. While there are lots of excellent mascaras out there on the market my current favourite is the L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara which you can read a full review of here.

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor 
For me shaving is an absolute must and I cannot go away anywhere without having a razor with me. But packing a razor always used to be a nightmare, the flimsy plastic cap would fall off and I'd end up cutting myself rummaging around my wash bag searching for it, that was until I discovered Venus' Snap Portable Razor. The razor is very small, discrete and fits perfectly in it's own little travel pot that can be neatly popped into your wash bag. With 5 blades it does an excellent job and the handle interchangeable with Venus Embrace refills so you don't have to worry if it goes blunt.

Céline New Audrey Sunglasses
Since I bought these sunglasses they have practically been glued to my face and it is rare that you will spot me without them. Perfect not only for a holiday in hot, sunny country but those rare occasions we get a bit of sun in the UK. They're also the perfect way to hide your lack of sleep if you've had to set off early for your travels. If you're not convinced about my Céline sunglasses I will let my review and unboxing convince you of their perfection.

Ipad Air
As I do not currently own a car, if I'm making a long journey on my own it is most often, if not always, by train. If I'm traveling home from uni the journey is an hour and a half, or if I'm visiting my boyfriend two and a half hours long; I could not survive these long journeys without some headphones and my iPad. Not only can I use it to listen to music or do uni work, but I can download shows to watch throughout my journey even though I don't have internet access. If you're in the UK both the BBC Iplayer App and 4OD App have features to download shows for free for a certain amount of time, so I can binge watch First Dates or Eastenders to my hearts content.

I'd love to know what your travel essentials are, whether that be beauty or fashion essentials or things that ease your journey!

Eleanor xx
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