I'll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent A Darker Colour

13 April 2016
I've never been one to plan my outfits for the weather, so when I looked outside and saw that it was an unusually beautiful sunny day here in Birmingham I didn't give a second thought to changing out of my all black ensemble. While I may have looked like the queen of darkness walking around with my black sunglasses, black shirt... well black everything, I wasn't boiling hot. I think by wearing a combination of thin layers, light materials and this gorgeous pair of strappy sandals I've cracked the age old problem of how to wear all black in these awkward transitioning months.

Black, OOTD, Fashion, UK, Blogger, Styling, Outfit, Public Desire, Celine, Missguided, Shirt, Shoes Bag, Jacket

OOTD, Styling, Fashion, UK, Blogger, Lookbook, Heels, Shirt, Lace, Bralet, Ghille, Bag

UK, fashion, blogger, outfit, ootd, Celine, New audrey, sunglasses, designer

What I'm Wearing - CĂ©line Sunglasses, New Look Jacket, Missguided Shirt, Missguided Lace Bralet, Topshop Jeans, Public Desire Shoes and TK Maxx Bag 

I'm also so glad I've finally got a chance to style my new heels from Public Desire as I think they're the perfect transition piece! I love how they look with jeans and trousers but they'd also look great styled with a playsuit or skirt in summer.

How do you transition your style from season to season?

Eleanor xx
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