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10 March 2016
When it comes to blog photography there is no right or wrong way to take your photographs as long as they represent you and your blog. That being said I thought I'd share some ideas on props that you could include in the background of your photo's if you are a bit stuck or looking for some creative inspiration.

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When I was living at home candles were one of my favourite household items to use in the background of my photographs because of the warm glowing atmosphere they give to photos. Unfortunately since moving into University Halls I can no longer use candles as we are not allowed them because they set off the fire alarms but a good alternative is fairy lights or LED candles.

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While I love the look of a plain white or marble background that a lot of bloggers tend to go for these days, magazines are a great way of mixing things up. The magazines that I normally buy and find are best for blog backgrounds are Vogue and Elle as not only do the editorial shoots provide gorgeous imagery but so do the designer adverts. They also work well when layered with other items such as books.

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I love flowers and they make the perfect finishing touch to any photograph. Placed out of focus in the background of your photo adds a pop of colour and texture as well as a fresh and feminine feel, not to mention they look really pretty. If you don't want to buy fresh flowers all of the time you could always spend a little more on some artificial flowers to achieve the same affect.

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Chopping Board
Now this is a bit of an unusual one but looks surprisingly good, especially if you're going for a minimalist or natural feel to your photographs. I personally love to use a wooden chopping board as the background for any baking or cooking posts. Another way you could incorporate wood into your backgrounds would be to use wooden floorboards you might have in your house or even buy a sample from B&Q.

Having great props is all well and good but you need to know when to use them. My biggest tip when it comes to picking what props and backgrounds to use in what photo is to pick out the main colour of the focus of the photo. You then want to look for hints of this colour or perhaps opposites of the colour in either the background or the prop. While this doesn't always work, 97% of the time it is a good way to tie the whole photo together and emphasize the product. 

Ultimately don't be scared to try out different layouts, backgrounds and props to see what works best for you and your photo. What are your favourite blog props? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Eleanor xx
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