Cute Ways To Use Polaroids + CHEERZ Review

12 February 2016
With there being more mobile phones in the world than actual people and the majority of phones having a camera these days, it comes to no surprise that most people take photos on their phones. While I love being able to snap hundreds of photos on my phone whenever and where ever, I often end up with only digital copies of my photos that I forget about. But my photographs deserve more than that, they are my memories. That's why in recent years I've been trying to print off my favourite photos every once in a while. So when Cheerz contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products I was thrilled with the opportunity to add to my collection.

Cheerz is an online photo printing service where you can upload your photos straight from your phone/computer, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and more and they will deliver them straight to your door. They offer a wide variety of products as well as just prints, such as the Cheerz Box* and the DIY Photo Book* that I will be reviewing today (as well as giving you a few ideas of how you could use your photos). They also have an app so you can order photos straight from your phone, handy eh?

ways to display polaroid photos cheerz review

Their signature Cheerz Box* is a great quality little box that comes with 30-45 Polaroid style photos of your choice, that you can edit by adding captions and changing the background colour to suit your personal style. The photos come on premium photo quality paper and are printed to a very high standard, at £13 I think this would make a lovely present for someone.

Cheerz Box Review Polaroid Photos

Not everyone likes their photos in black and white like I do, so I ordered some coloured photos to show how well they print. The colours were exactly the same in the printed copy as they were in the digital copy of the photo, and of course the coloured photos were to the same high standard of the black and white photos.

As for ways in which you could use these Polaroids, my first idea is to display them in a photo album. While this may be an obvious idea I think that photo albums are a great way to preserve your memories forever. You can keep adding to them as time goes on  or perhaps have a different album for different occasions.

Cheerz diy photo book review

This is where the DIY Photo Book* comes in as it allows you to create your own photo album. The product includes a black classic photo book and 20 Polaroids of your choice to put in the book. Each page in the photo book has a white adhesive square in the middle making it easy to securely attach your photos into the book.

While I do love the DIY Photo Book and how it provides everything you need to create your own photo album, I do wish there were more options to customize it as when you remove the duck egg blue sleeve you are left with a plain black book. While I like the simpleness of this, others may want something a little bit more exiting. 

That being said it is a great quality set for £17, with high attention to detail from Cheerz such as the cute message in the back and the little yellow envelope that your photos come in.

Another way to use your Polaroids is to create a cute wall display using them. This is a photo of my uni room where I've arranged my photos around my Coco Chanel mirror from Debenhams. The mirror acts as a focal point, and I like to think that the quote ("In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different") really compliments the photos.

My last idea on how to use your Polaroids is to hand them on either string or fairy lights, using paper clips or small little wooden pegs. If you want to know how to make this in more detail, I've written a post on it here.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe got a few ideas of how you could use your photos. If you want to print some of your own photos, then you can use my code 'ELLIGT' to get £4 off your first order from Cheerz.

Do you ever print out your photos? I'd love to know some of your ideas on how you use them!

Eleanor xx
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