Céline New Audrey Sunglasses Review & Unboxing

22 February 2016
While being a great admirer of fine things I have never bought anything from a designer brand in my life. When I was younger I'd buy t-shirts and polo shirts from Ralph Lauren or underwear from Calvin Klein but I've never spent a huge amount of money on one item. Designer goods are not for everyone, I know many people may be disgusted by the amount that I spent on these sunglasses but I worked hard for the money to buy them and saved up for a long time so that I could treat myself to something I've always wanted; a pair of designer sunglasses.

Celine, New Audrey, Black, Sunglasses, Review, UK, Fashion, Blogger

After much careful deliberation and research I finally decided upon the Céline New Audrey Sunglasses with the black frame and brown lenses. I was torn between the original Céline Audrey Sunglasses are the new version but after seeing Sammi from Samantha Maria (formally The Beauty Crush) wearing the new version I was sold on the slighty squarer frame. 

Celine, New Audrey, Designer, Sunglasses, Review, UK, Fashion, Blogger

Aptly named after Audrey Hepburn, the Audrey range of sunglasses from Céline are inspired by the sunglasses Audrey's character (Holly Golightly) wore in the 1961 film of Breakfast at Tiffany's. These sunglasses are iconic, classic and suit the majority of face shapes. 

Celine, New Audrey, Black, Designer, Sunglasses, Review, UK, Fashion, Beauty, Blogger

The Céline New Audrey Sunglasses are delicately embossed with the gold Céline logo on one arm and the iconic silver three pin design on both the arms and the front of the sunglasses. They also come with the classic suede Céline case and cloth both embossed with Céline Paris in silver. The attention to detail is exquisite although I do wish that they came with a hard case as they provide better protection.

I bought my sunglasses online from a website called Designer Glasses Boutique as neither Selfridges nor Sunglasses Hut stocked them with the black frame. While I was a bit skeptical at buying them online at first, after a bit of research and looking at a lot of reviews I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I ordered my sunglasses on Monday the 1st, they were dispatched on Wednesday the 10th and then delivered the next day. While the delivery was very quick, waiting for 7-10 days for them to be dispatched was unbearable. But apart from having to wait so long to get my sunglasses, I am very pleased with my sunglasses and they seem to be legit.

Céline New Audrey Sunglasses Black/Brown - £189 (rrp £229) 

What is your opinion on designer purchases? Have you ever bought any designer sunglasses?

Eleanor xx
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