Inglot Freedom System Concealer Palette Review

20 April 2015
I have a very love hate relationship when it comes to beauty palettes, you buy it because you convince yourself it'll be great for travelling and that you'll save loads of money as buying each product individually would cost a fortune but you ultimately buy it because it's pretty. In reality you end up using a couple of shades from each palette and the rest is left untouched after that initial swatching session we do with all new products. But that's not the case with Inglot's Freedom System because (as the name suggests) you have the freedom to create your own palette with the products and shades the you want. You can create blush, powder, concealer, eyeshaddow, brow, lip and fragrance palettes, all coming in various sizes.

I decided to create myself a concealer quad that could be used for highlighting, contouring, concealing and correcting as I haven't really seen a palette that covered these 4 bases. First off the packaging is gorgeous and looks very expensive, though it does have that matte Nars-esque packaging that makes it impossible to clean as you can see in the pictures. 

As for the concealers, they are a beautifully pigmented and of a creamy finish. I'd say they give a medium coverage and because of their creamy texture they need setting a lot but it does mean they blend nicely which is crucial if you want to use them for contouring.

From L to R - DW300, LW100, P and G
Each concealer was £5 and the cost of the palette was £7 resulting in a total cost of £27 which I think is very good value for money especially when you know that you will use each and every product.

This post isn't sponsored but I just love the idea of the freedom system that I could not do a review of the palette I bought. Yes I know that some other brands do similar things but I can't think of one who has such a wide variety of choice for such a reasonable price.

What do you think of the Freedom System? Have you tried any Inglot products?

Eleanor xx
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