Outfit Post - If You Are What You Say You Are

11 February 2015
I've never been one to think of practicalities when putting together an outfit. I will wear whatever I want, whether that be a skirt in the snow or a leather jacket in the summer and today's outfit is no exception to this rule. While my outfit is appropriate for the cold weather we've been having recently, these white jeans may be the least practical thing I have ever worn especially when you are very clumsy and messy like myself!

What I am wearing - Missguided Camel Coat, H & M Jumper, Topshop Jeans, H & M rings and Adidas Superstar's

Despite the riskiness of wearing white jeans, I can't help but wear them anyway as I just adore the way they look. Though I wouldn't complain if anyone had any tips on keeping white jeans clean!

Eleanor xx
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