Review - Nars Virtual Domination Palette

20 January 2015
If you read my last post you would've seen that this Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Nars Virtual Domination Palette. Exclusively released to Space NK, I had seen this beauty popping up on blogs around November and was desperate to try it out for myself! 

The palette includes 3 blushes (Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut), 1 highlighter (Miss Liberty) and 1 bronzer (Laguna), of which I've only tried Laguna previously. One thing I personally love about this palette is the fact that Nars have decided to include a highlighter and bronzer and well as 3 blushes adding a bit of variation to the palette and makes it perfect for traveling as you don't need to bring hundreds of other face products besides the palette, this also differentiates it from a lot of other Nars limited edition face palettes which have in the past only ever featured blushes. 

While it is a beautiful palette and range of colours, personally I would've preferred to see a more neutral/pink highlighter rather than one with peach undertones, I also would've preferred maybe more finely milled glitter to give more of a subtle shimmer to the cheek rather than the disco ball effect as I personally do not see Miss Liberty as a wearable everyday highlight. This all being said I think it's perfect for a party or event.
Also if your skin tone is any darker than a medium tan, I would be slightly worried that Laguna may not show up on your skin as it isn't the darkest or most pigmented bronzer ever, despite it being a personal favourite of mine. But overall I would happily wear all of the shades in the palette.  

From L to R - Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, Final Cut, Laguna

The Nars Virtual Domination palette is overall a beautiful palette and whats even better is that it is great value for money. In this palette you get more bronzer than you do in a full sized Laguna which is £27 alone, and each blush is only 0.01oz less product than the individual which cost £22.50 alone. To buy all of the products individually it would set you back £117 which is crazy considering the palette is only £45, so if this palette isn't a bargain then I don't know what is!

Have you tried the Nars Virtual Domination Palette?

Eleanor xx
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