Sunday Nails - Stitched Up

2 November 2014
After a couple of weeks break from the nail art while I had gel nails, Sunday Nails nail art is back! Yes I took off my gels this week and I thought what better way to get back into nail art than with a simple Halloween nail art that not only looks good but allows me to show you the condition of my nails after the gel nail polish. 

As you can see from the picture below my nails are in pretty good condition as they haven't split or broke, though I haven a feeling that if it was more of a regular thing my nails would be a bit worse for wear! As for the nail art it is pretty self explanatory; I painted my nails with a clear base coat, then drew stitches using a nail art pen across the tips of my nails before finishing off with a topcoat!

While I didn't go trick or treating this Halloween, you'll know if you follow my instagram that me and my friends had our own little Halloween party. Fancy dress + sweets + drinks + fireworks +  great company = best Halloween ever!

How did you spend your Halloween?

Eleanor xx
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