Sunday Nails - My Top 5 Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

26 October 2014
While I love hot summer weather nothing compares to Autumn/Winter: my favourite seasons. One of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter (apart from Halloween, Christmas and Bonfire night) are the festive colours. Yes as soon as we hit October I dig out my dark lipsticks, nail polishes and clothes, and embrace the goth in me. So I thought that today I'd show you my favourite Autumn/Winter nail polishes.

From L to R Barry M Coconut, Barry M Lychee, Essie Parka Perfect, Essie Shearling Darling and Essie Toggle To The Top
Despite my love for typical Autumn/Winter nail polishes like dark burgundy's I still love to wear neutrals throughout the colder weather. Two of my all time favourites which have featured countless times on my blog are Barry M Coconut and Lychee. Both colours are in Barry M's gel finish so they are very shiny, the only difference between the two is the difference in colour as Coconut is an off white colour where as Lychee is a beige/nude. 

All three of these Essie polishes actually came in a set as part of their 2013 Winter Collection, which in my opinion is honestly one of the best sets they've ever done. I'd religiously wear all three colours during Autumn/Winter which is vary rare to find in a gift set as normally there's always at least one bum colour. Parka Perfect is a beautiful off blue/grey colour, Shearling Darling is the perfect burgundy and Toggle To The Top is a beautiful topcoat with pink glitter running through it that looks gorgeous when layered on top of Shearling Darling. I have a feeling you can still buy all three of these colours on Essie's website which is very lucky for me because mine are starting to run out! 

What is your favourite Autumn/Winter nail polish?

Eleanor xx
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