DIY Polaroid Wall Decoration

22 October 2014
I love DIY's and some of my favourite blogs, like A Beautiful Mess, often post DIY's. I do like to have a go at some of them myself but I always forget to take photo's or I think that they're so obvious that I don't bother blogging about them. But today is a bit different because I've decided to share with you a little DIY I did earlier this week: a Polaroid wall decoration for my room.

You will need:
Some string
- Paper clips
- Polaroid pictures 
- Blue tac 
- Scissors

If you don't have a polaroid camera like myself there are hundreds of websites that will print off your Instagram pictures into a polaroid. I chose to use the printic app because not only can you use pictures directly from your Instagram account but also your camera roll. After using a promo code I found online my order of 15 prints came to £1.35 including delivery which is unbelievably cheap and the best thing is that while they are cheap the prints are very high quality. Mine took 5 working days to be delivered which is a reasonably quick considering they come from France and they arrived in an adorable orange envelope. If you use the code B01EFE you can get £4 off your first order.

The next thing I did when I got my prints was to arrange them in the order I wanted to hang them up in. You can do this however you like, randomly, colour co ordinated or even in chronological order it's totally up to you to decide what look best for your photos. I then measured how long I wanted the piece of string to be to hang on my wall, making sure it was the length of the wall plus a bit extra and cut it with the scissors. I then simply paper clipped the photos along the string leaving equal gaps between each photo. 

The last step is to hang your photo garland along the wall, you can do this in a variety of ways including a staple gun or hooks but I just hung mine on a picture hook already in the middle of my wall and then blue tacked the ends to the wall so the wall wasn't damaged if I decided to take it down. 

This is a very cheap, easy and personal decoration for your room that can be altered to fit your style. Want something a bit more fancy? You could easily use indoor fairy lights (make sure that they are the type that don't heat up and can be used near paper) instead of string or colourful little pegs instead of paper clips.

Do you often do DIY's? 

Eleanor xx
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