What I Got For My Birthday 2014

3 September 2014
A week today I turned 17 after months of patiently waiting and feeling like a baby compared to my friends whose birthdays are all before mine.But it was worth the wait and I had a lovely day in Birmingham with my family, visiting my sisters new house and doing a bit of shopping, I was also very lucky to receive some beautiful gifts from my family and friends which I'm going to share with you today. 

Disclaimer - I am extremely grateful for everything I received for my birthday and in no way am I 'showing off' (who would even do that?). I personally enjoy reading these posts so I thought you might be too!

My friends and family know I am obsessed with makeup and beauty products so it was no surprise that a lot of the gifts I received were items of makeup! First my sister bought me a Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow quad that is so beautiful that I nearly screamed with joy when I unwrapped it, she also bought me a pug makeup bag which is absolutely adorable but I stupidly forgot to photograph it! My friend Harriet went on holiday to Italy over the summer and while she was there she picked up me some lovely bits from Kiko's new collection including a gorgeous eye shadow palette and a Kiss Balm, I love Kiko but its quite difficult to get hold of in the UK so I'm very exited to try these products! My friend Hannah bought me a Mac Lip Liner in Spice because she knew how much I wanted it so that I could line my lips like Kylie Jenner. Then my other friend Louise bought me a lovely little Benefit gift set so I can try some more of their products, Benefit gift sets are great products and I've bought this for friends in the past so I was so happy to finally receive it myself!

I then got a cute little candle and incense set from my friend Helena and then my friend Ellie got me a new phone case from Converse because mine was getting very battered and tatty, as well as also getting me some lucky charms from America.

My favourite ever Disney film ever is The Little Mermaid so of course my friend Steph got me the best pajamas ever: LITTLE MERMAID PAJAMAS!

As well as a makeup bag and an eye shadow palette my sister also bought me this beautiful black lace skirt from Topshop that I've wanted for ages and there is no doubt that this skirt will feature in a future outfit post.

And my final present to show you is my present from my parents: a new bike! I've needed a new bike for years as I grew out of my old one when I started secondary school and as my friends and I have started to go on more bike rides it finally seemed worth me getting a new one. My new bike is the Pendleton Somerby Limited Edition Hybrid Bike from Halfords and I am in love with it, it is very comfortable and perfect for what I use it for!

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on twitter, I had a lovely day and I'm hoping that my future birthday's will be as good if not better than this one!

Eleanor xx
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