Sunday Nails - Pastel Perfection

24 August 2014
Despite having a very monochromatic and sometimes boyish wardrobe I'm still a girly girl at heart. I love the colour pink, unicorns and glitter which is why I love this nail art so much because my nails look like unicorn poop. I was going to do some sort of birthday nail art on top of this base to celebrate my 17th birthday on Wednesday but this was just to pretty to cover up with balloons and cake.

To create this pretty tie dye effect I painted my nails white and then using various pastel colours, dot them randomly in a cluster on a sponge and then sponge the colours onto the white base coat using rolling motion. I then finished it off with a cheap £1 glitter topcoat, that catches the light and sparkles beautifully!

Are you a girly girl or a tom boy when it comes to your personal style?

Eleanor xx
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