Outfit Post - Hiding Under A Tree

10 July 2014
I like to call these photos "Caught hiding under a tree by a former lover" as that is the only phrase that describes the startled/slightly angry/slightly disappointed look on my face, that or "Is that a stinging nettle touching my leg?". Why do bloggers pull such strange faces in outfit posts? The classic "looking at something mysterious in the distance" or the "oh you want to take my photo?" or in my case "what are you doing?" 

The majority of us aren't models and by the time I get one slightly acceptable photo I give up. Let's be real I don't have Patrick Demarchelier taking my photos, I'm not Cara Delevingne and this is not Vogue, this is my small piece of the internet and I'm going to show you what I wore today whether my photography is great or not.

I love these shorts they're so pretty with this delicate lace overlay and when paired with a striped blue and white shirt it creates the perfect relaxed summer look. Also you may or may not have noticed but I'm blonde! I bleached my hair quite a few weeks ago now but I haven't got round to showing you guys, so you won't have seen it unless you follow my Instagram (which you should be)!

Hope you're enjoying your week, tomorrow I'm going on a team building day with my Sixth Form. Think fields, mud and obstacle courses... wish me luck!

Eleanor xx
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