22 June 2014
Bright colours and summer florals have never really been my thing. In the height of the summer I will wear the same monochromatic colour palette that I wore in the depths of the winter, but that doesn't stop me from wearing bright nail polishes. I am full of contradictions when it comes to my nails; Orange is my least favourite colour but my favourite nail polish is orange, I hate bright colours on me unless its on my nails and I think that rhinestones can look a bit tacky anywhere other than on my nails. 

I can't explain my contradictory nature so there isn't really an explanation of my nail art today apart from it is a simple summery hibiscus design and I like it, so I'm wearing it! What I can explain though is the improvement in the quality of my photo's as yesterday I went out and bought the Canon EOS 700D. For a long time I've felt like my photography has been holding my blog back and now I've finally got a good camera I can learn how to improve my photography more and maybe start a YouTube channel... if I ever pluck up the courage that is!

Eleanor xx
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