Sunday Nails - Messy Mani

11 May 2014
I often have quite a clear idea of my nail art before I start but sometimes that changes as I go on; this was one of these cases. I'd seen a nail art that had a gradient and then a checked pattern on top and it looked great, so I was giving it a go myself when I stopped half way through because my nail art looked finished. 

By using a sponge to create a white gradient that fades into my natural nail, creating a modern take of the classic french manicure. I then finished it off with a ultra glossy topcoat. It's a bit difficult to have a classic french manicure with stiletto shaped nails as it just looks a bit strange so this is a great alternative. It's also a lot easier than a french manicure before you don't have to worry about being neat, so perfect if you don't have a very steady hand. 

I also just thought I'd let you know that I've picked the winner for my giveaway and emailed them but if they don't email me back by tomorrow I'm going to have to pick another winner, so if you have entered my ASOS giveaway GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL YOU MIGHT HAVE WON!

Eleanor xx
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