May Wishlist

13 May 2014
I think I have an addiction; an addiction to shopping that is. Shopping is all I can think of since I put myself on a ban from going shopping until all of my exams are over, but since that is over a month away internet shopping is allowed right? I mean I only banned myself from going shopping...

Kate Moss Topshop Jumpsuit - £90
Ah how could I not feature an item from Kate Moss' latest Topshop collection? The queen of British modeling has come up trumps again with her new collection that includes this gorgeous silk jumpsuit.

Triangl Bikini - £47

With summer coming up again it's about time I started looking for some new bikinis to take on holiday with me and let's be honest who doesn't want a Triangl bikini? Those who don't want them already own them and it's because of their popularity that I'm quite surprised that no where on the high street has started selling dupes for them. Until then I  will either have to lust over this leather look bikini in my dreams or try and find a way to justify spending nearly £50 on a bikini.

Real Techniques Modern Natural Makeup Kit - £15
Sam and Nic Chapman have done it again with their brand Real Techniques but instead of brushes they have delved into the world of makeup. This month they released two gorgeous makeup kits that include everything you need to create a multitude of beautiful looks perfect for day or night.

22" Floral Penny Skateboard -£104.99
Okay so I want to jump on the bandwagon (or should I say skateboard) and buy a penny board. Over the summer me and my friends have created a bucket list of thing we'd like to do and this included learning to skateboard. Penny boards are the epitome of cool and hopefully if I do get one, hopefully some of that cool will transfer to me, though this is not likely as  I'm incredibly clumsy a girl can dream. 

Good luck to everyone doing their exams, I had my first exam today and while it wasn't horrific I'm not looking forward to the rest of my 6 exams. But than again who looks forward to exams!
Note - I've already had to pick a new winner for my giveaway because the first winner didn't reply to my emails, I've emailed the new winner but remember if you don't reply then I can't give you your prize! The winner is displayed on the widget so go check that and your emails to see if it is you!

Eleanor xx
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