Sunday Nails - Negative Space Positive Energy

13 April 2014
In the past I've never really been one to follow nail art trends, while some of them have been cool and interesting like caviar manicures or crackle nail polishes I've just never jumped on the band wagon until now. Recently I've being seeing a lot of negative space nail art and I love it! 

Unlike other nail art trends in the past, you can easily do this at home without having to go out and buy hundreds of different nail polishes or beads as all you need is your regular nail varnish and some sellotape. Simply cut the sellotape into whatever shape you want (for this look I cut thin strips of sellotape) and place them on your nail where you want to negative space to be. Then paint your nail as normal before finally taking of the sellotape to reveal your design, and once it is all dry finish with a clear topcoat to seal it all together.

Top Tip - Use tweezers to take off the sellotape it makes it a lot easier and you won't smudge your other nails while doing it!

I'd love to know what you think of this trend and will you be trying it out? 

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Eleanor xx
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