Sunday Nails - Butterfly Wings

6 April 2014
While I've never been fond of insects, I've always loved butterflies. From finger painting pictures of butterflies as a kid to seeing Damien Hirst's exhibition at the Tate Modern on butterflies, their beauty has always fascinated me. With summer approaching hopefully we'll start seeing a lot more butterflies but until then I will just have to paint my nails to look like butterfly wings.

The base colour is actually a mixture of a holographic silver nail polish and a purple sparkly polish and while it looks pretty I kind of wish that I had blended in a blue sparky nail varnish as well, so if you are going to recreate this look then that could be something that you could do. I then used my black and white nail art pens, outlining the shapes and then filling in the outside space before adding a few white dots around the edges.

Also for those of you who do not know, on Thursday I finished Sixth Form for 2 weeks and while that sounds like I'll have loads of time to relax and blog, it turns out that I have a lot of revision to do. Painting my nails and blogging is my method of procrastinating from revision, which while it's sort of productive I need to revise as well, so please bear with me as I try and find the right balance between the two!

Eleanor xx
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