Sunday Nails - Trippy Rainbows

16 March 2014
This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous! It's been the first weekend in months when I've been able to wear my sunglasses without someone saying to me "Why are you wearing sunglasses it's winter?" and luckily I got to spend it with my big sister. It was her birthday on Tuesday so she came home from Uni for the weekend and it was lovely to spend time with my best friend. Another reason I am feeling do happy is because my blog reached 500 followers on GFC, so just a quick thank you to everyone who has clicked follow on GFC and Bloglovin, I am so grateful for your support and I love reading all your comments on my post they really do make me smile! So as I was feeling very happy I was in the mood for a pretty rainbow nail art. 

Though as you can see from the pictures my pretty rainbow turned out like a rainbow on acid, but it's cool and I still like it. To create the look I painted my nails white and then painted stripes of each colour on a sponge and stamped it onto my nails. If you want to see a tutorial of something similar watch this instagram video by nailsartvids.

Have you ever tried this nail art technique? 

Eleanor xx
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