March Wishlist

12 March 2014
I know I say this practically every month but I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. New York always seemed months away but now it's been and gone, and in 4 days time it will have been a month since I went. Before I know it I'll be doing my exams, turning 17 and learning to drive, scary! So before we loose anymore time, how about I show you what I want to buy this month...

Zara Mini City Bag With Zips - £39.99
I have seen so many miniature bags all over the high street recently and they are absolutely adorable! While mini bags may not be the most practical for me as I carry around my whole life in my handbag, they are great if you're going out for a meal or something where you only need to take your phone and your purse. I am in love with this one from Zara as it is very Celine-esque and I only own black bags so it would create a bit of variation in my wardrobe!

Beyonce No Angel Jumper - $65
I am always listening to Beyonce's newest album on repeat so when I saw celebrities popping up all over the place wearing these Beyonce jumpers emblazed with phrases from songs off her new album, I knew I had to get one. At $65 and a huge amount of shipping they work out being quite expensive for a jumper, but anything that makes me more Beyonce is worth paying a bit more for!

Canon EOS 600D - £389.99
I've been wanting to invest in a DSLR camera for quite a long time now, in the hope that I can improve the quality of my blog photos and my photography in general. After a lot of investigation into different cameras I've decided on the Canon EOS 600D which also happens to be a very popular camera for blogging and YouTubing. I just about have the money for it but I'm waiting for the right time to buy it because I want to get the best deal. 

Benefit Gimme Brow - £17.50
Benefit Gimme Brow doesn't just set your brows but makes them look thicker, which is definitely something I need with my very sparse eyebrows. I've seen so many great reviews of this online and with the Cara Delevingne brows becoming ever more popular I can see this becoming a cult beauty product amongst beauty bloggers and enthusiasts alike.

What will you be lusting after this month?

Eleanor xx
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