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Sunday Nails - Mr Men and Little Miss

30 March 2014
When I was a kid I loved the Mr Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves, I had hundreds of them including one signed by the author himself. Some children's books are timeless and the Mr Men and Little Miss books are definitely books that I will read with my future offspring, like my parents read them with me. 

So today I decided to do some nail art inspired by some of my favourite characters: Mr Bump, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Messy. To create the nail art I used my brightest Barry M polishes and my models own nail art pens.

Did you read the Mr Men and Little Miss books when you were a kid?

Eleanor xx

March Rate Or Hate

28 March 2014
It feels like it's been ages since I last wrote a favourites post but that's probably because it has been a few months. I'm sorry for slacking but I don't try that many new products each month so sometimes it's hard to find things that I've been loving and hating. But luckily this month I had no trouble deciding my favourites.

This months rate or hate...

Kardashian Kroma Honey Stick Lipgloss and Hask Argan Oil
Rate -
I spotted this small bottle of Hask Argan Oil when I was wandering around the Primark beauty section a couple of months ago. I'd never tried a hair oil before and decided to pick this up on a whim because it was so cheap and I'm really glad I did. I've heard lots of people complain that hair oils can make your hair greasy and way it down but I didn't find this at all with the Hask Argan Oil. It nourishes my spilt ends and leaves my hair feeling soft whether I use it on wet or dry hair, and I feel that it's definitely improved the condition of hair since I started using it. I bought it for £1.50 so it's a bargain compared to other hair oils on the market like Moroccan Oil and you only need a coin sized amount so it will last a very long time.

Hate -
I really dislike using the word 'Hate' to describe the product that I've haven't been loving but it rhymes so I will continue to use it despite the fact that I don't hate my Kardashian Kroma Lipgloss. The reason I don't love the Kardashian Kroma Honey Stick Lipgloss is purely because it smells so strongly of honey (hence the name Honey Stick Lipgloss) that it gives me a headache. The scent is so strong that my friends have told me that they can smell it when I'm wearing it, which I find a bit weird. Despite the smell it's a very nice lip gloss in a beautiful baby pink colour which would suit almost every skin tone, so if you can stand the smell then I'd really recommend it.  

I don't know whether any of you have noticed but I'm 5 followers away from 400 on bloglovin but I've decided that once I reach 400 on bloglovin I am going to do a giveaway to thank you for your support. I was thinking an ASOS voucher because they sell beauty and fashion and this is a beauty and fashion blog, what do you think?

Eleanor xx

4 Products That You Didn't Realize Were Multifunctional

25 March 2014
Reading beauty blogs is addictive and can cause a serious dent in your purse. We see people review products on a daily basis and often get sucked into the hype surrounding a product and immediately feel the need to buy it, resulting in a collection of products that I've hardly used. So today I thought I'd show you how to use products, that you probably already own, in ways that you've perhaps never thought of before, showing you that shopping your own collection can lead to as many new discoveries as buying newly released products from Boots.

1. Using lipstick as a blush -
What many people do not know is that just because lipstick has the word 'lip' in it, it doesn't have to be used on your lips as it works amazingly well on your cheeks as a blush. I like to rub a bit of lipstick on the back of my hand before using my fingers to blend it onto my cheeks for a pretty flush of colour. Be careful with what colour lipstick you use though as some work better than others.

2. Using a cream eyeshadow to contour -
I only discovered how well the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe worked as a contour the other day when I ran out of my Sleek Contour Kit. The Maybelline Color Tattoos are designed to be used as cream eyeshaddows but Permanent Taupe is a matte brown that reminds me a lot of Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Hollow which is a notoriously good product for contouring pale skin. But remember to always make sure that you are using a matte eyeshaddow to contour your face.

3. Using an eyeshadow as a highlighter -
Light shimmery eyeshadows can work as amazing highlighters on the top of your cheek bones as they are often highly pigmented. I love to use my Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch as both a highlighter and an eyeshadow as it looks beautiful as either because of its pink undertone and the way it catches the light.

4. Using a clear mascara to set your eyebrows -
Okay so this one you've probably heard of before, but clear mascara is a great cheap alternative to buying brow setting products. A word of warning though is that it will turn brown over time if you fill in your eyebrows like I do!

From Left to Right, Light Touch, Permanent Taupe and Vegas Volt
Finding products like these that can be used in more than one way can create versatility in your collection while cutting down it's size, they're also very handy for traveling when your suitcase has a weight restriction. 

What is your favourite multifunctional product?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Spring/Summer 14

23 March 2014
I originally wrote this post as a guest post for Rebecca on her blog be beautiful and it was posted earlier this week, but I thought that some of you may not have seen it so I decided to post it here as well. So as fashion week season ended not long ago I thought I'd share with you how I will be painting my nails this Spring/Summer 2014, hope you enjoy!

Step 1 Shaping Your Nails –
Stiletto nails were all over the catwalk this season and it’s simple to achieve the look at home without paying big bucks at the salon for a manicure! Simply file your nails into points using long sweeping motions in order to avoid splitting your nails, as sawing your nails back and forth can easily cause breakages.

Step 2 Base Colour –
Nude nail polishes will be a staple for SS14 and have been featured on the runways of designers like Just Cavalli, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jean Pierre Braganza and Christopher Kane. Neutral nail polish is not only simple, classic and effortless but popular amongst designers as it complements an outfit rather than distracts from it. My favourite shade is Barry M’s Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee because of its high shine formula and budget price tag.

Step 3 Nail Art –
This season many designers decided to give a new twist on a classic French manicure, I decided to give the sideways manicure a go using my Black Models Own Nail Art Pen. I love this look because it is simple and elongates the look of your nails. Don’t worry though if you don’t have a nail art pen you can easily do this nail art with a cocktail stick and some nail varnish or a paint brush and acrylic paint.

Step 4 Top Coat –
I always finish off my nail art with a lick of Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Topcoat. It will not only keep your nail polish glossy and chip free but it’s the only topcoat I’ve found that doesn’t smudge nail art, meaning that none of your hard work is spoilt!

As you may be able to tell this post was a little bit different from my usual Sunday Nails posts and I was thinking that if you liked these kind of posts I could do them every season. Also please let me know your opinion on the photography, yay or nay?

So should I more posts like this in the future?

Eleanor xx

Outfit Post - Try'na Dress Up When I'm Missin You

19 March 2014
So I'm one of those girls who spends a long time deciding what to wear everyday and even longer if I'm going out for a special occasion. I can't imagine just picking out some random clothes off my floor-drobe and being ready in 5 minutes, it's like not dancing to Single Ladies: impossible. So when I was invited out for a meal to celebrate my friend's birthday, you can imagine my panic as I try on every piece of clothing I own trying to find something occasion appropriate to wear.

Mac Rebel Lipstick, New Look Hat, T K Maxx Bag, Warehouse Coat, Primark Crop Top, Topshop Skirt and Dune Boots

The dress code was nicer than casual but not fancy so in the end I decided to wear my black Topshop crossover skirt that I featured in my last outfit post. I paired it with a simple Primark polo neck crop top and my beloved New Look hat. Though however much I love this hat I still feel like a detective or someone from The Crucible when I wear it!

Sorry the photos aren't the best but we took them in a bit of a hurry. It was also way too cold for me to take off my jacket especially as I was wearing a crop top and a mini skirt underneath, so maybe I should planned my outfit a bit more wisely!

How long do you spend planning your outfits?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Trippy Rainbows

16 March 2014
This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous! It's been the first weekend in months when I've been able to wear my sunglasses without someone saying to me "Why are you wearing sunglasses it's winter?" and luckily I got to spend it with my big sister. It was her birthday on Tuesday so she came home from Uni for the weekend and it was lovely to spend time with my best friend. Another reason I am feeling do happy is because my blog reached 500 followers on GFC, so just a quick thank you to everyone who has clicked follow on GFC and Bloglovin, I am so grateful for your support and I love reading all your comments on my post they really do make me smile! So as I was feeling very happy I was in the mood for a pretty rainbow nail art. 

Though as you can see from the pictures my pretty rainbow turned out like a rainbow on acid, but it's cool and I still like it. To create the look I painted my nails white and then painted stripes of each colour on a sponge and stamped it onto my nails. If you want to see a tutorial of something similar watch this instagram video by nailsartvids.

Have you ever tried this nail art technique? 

Eleanor xx

March Wishlist

12 March 2014
I know I say this practically every month but I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. New York always seemed months away but now it's been and gone, and in 4 days time it will have been a month since I went. Before I know it I'll be doing my exams, turning 17 and learning to drive, scary! So before we loose anymore time, how about I show you what I want to buy this month...

Zara Mini City Bag With Zips - £39.99
I have seen so many miniature bags all over the high street recently and they are absolutely adorable! While mini bags may not be the most practical for me as I carry around my whole life in my handbag, they are great if you're going out for a meal or something where you only need to take your phone and your purse. I am in love with this one from Zara as it is very Celine-esque and I only own black bags so it would create a bit of variation in my wardrobe!

Beyonce No Angel Jumper - $65
I am always listening to Beyonce's newest album on repeat so when I saw celebrities popping up all over the place wearing these Beyonce jumpers emblazed with phrases from songs off her new album, I knew I had to get one. At $65 and a huge amount of shipping they work out being quite expensive for a jumper, but anything that makes me more Beyonce is worth paying a bit more for!

Canon EOS 600D - £389.99
I've been wanting to invest in a DSLR camera for quite a long time now, in the hope that I can improve the quality of my blog photos and my photography in general. After a lot of investigation into different cameras I've decided on the Canon EOS 600D which also happens to be a very popular camera for blogging and YouTubing. I just about have the money for it but I'm waiting for the right time to buy it because I want to get the best deal. 

Benefit Gimme Brow - £17.50
Benefit Gimme Brow doesn't just set your brows but makes them look thicker, which is definitely something I need with my very sparse eyebrows. I've seen so many great reviews of this online and with the Cara Delevingne brows becoming ever more popular I can see this becoming a cult beauty product amongst beauty bloggers and enthusiasts alike.

What will you be lusting after this month?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - AM

9 March 2014
I've always thought that I had a really good in taste (then again everyone does) but while looking through the music on my Iphone this week I realised that Pop Party and various Busted albums does not really give the impression that I have a particularly good taste in music. Don't get me wrong I do have other things on my Iphone besides cheesy 00's pop like a lot of Kanye West, Jay Z and Beyonce but I thought it was time I listened to something out of my comfort zone. 

After having a chat with my friend Maddie, she recommended me a lot of her favourite songs and amongst them were a few from the Arctic Monkey's latest album AM, so I decided to go and listen to the whole album on YouTube. I do like the Arctic Monkey's but I've never been a huge fan and only ever really listened to their hits when they've been on the radio. But I love this album and the album artwork became my inspiration for this weeks Sunday Nails.

While half way through this nail art I realised that I'd run out of the black nail varnish I'd been using which was Barry M's Black so while in Tesco I picked up Rimmel London's Lasting Finish polish in Black Cab. While it's not as opaque as my Barry M polish, it still does a great job and finished off with a coat of Seche Vite you can't tell the difference between the two.

Have you been listening to any new music recently? I'd love your recommendations!

Eleanor xx

New York Diary

5 March 2014
You've all heard me talking about my trip to New York for weeks and I've finally gotten round to writing a post about it! A warning though this post will be very very very long, so that being said I better get on with it...

Day 1
After waking up at 3 o'clock to get to school for 4.15 we made on our way from Bristol to Heathrow and despite getting stuck in traffic on the motorway we made it to the airport in time and boarded our flight to JFK with Delta Airlines. I've never been on a long haul flight and was dreading it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; the crew on the flight were lovely regularly supplying us with free headphones, pillows, blankets, food and drink and I spent most of the flight watching films (Despicable Me 2, Now You See Me, A Beautiful Mind and The Internship). It was very turbulent, which resulted in some guy in front of me vomiting gross, but despite that all round a good flight! 
We got to JFK and were soon on our way to the hotel.
First impressions: SNOW! 

After sprucing myself up at the hotel we made our way to the subway in the evening where we bought a weeks subway ticket for $31 as we would be traveling by the subway and on foot. We then took the subway to Times Square. Times Square is truly breath taking, the lights are so bright that it could have almost been daytime, the buildings are tall and the atmosphere will consume you. After taking a few pictures we then went round the M and M and Hershey's shops which are expensive but amazing (I never knew they did so many different types of M and M's!) We then went to a diner and had some food before making our way back to the hotel for a good nights sleep after what had worked out as a 24 hour day.

Day 2
I woke up everyday at about 6:45 to be at breakfast for 8 we would then leave the hotel at 9. The time in between breakfast and leaving the hotel would normally be spent by everyone by checking our social media using the hotels free WiFi haha! Our first full day was by far the best out of the whole trip because we did so many incredible things, the first thing being that we got the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration museum. The Statue of Liberty is breathtaking, seeing something so iconic is truly mind blowing while the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration is a very beautiful building filled with lots of interesting information about a crucial part of american history. 

 After traveling across the city to around 5th Avenue we grabbed a bit of lunch and made our way to the Museum of Modern Art. This might have been my favourite museum that we went to but if you're not particularly interested in art then I wouldn't say it's essential to a trip to New York. The MOMA had lots of interesting exhibitions as well as famous artwork including Starry Night by Van Gogh and Campbell's Soup Cans by Andy Warhol.

We then had a bit of time to spare before going to watch Mama Mia on Broadway so we went for an evening walk through Central Park. Central Park is beautiful and one of my favourite places in the world because while you can still hear and see the city, it's very quiet and peaceful. When we were there the park was covered in a blanket of white wintry snow resulting in a fair few snow fights taking place and adding to the magic of the whole trip.

After stopping off for some smoothies and frozen yogurt, we went to Broadway and watched Mama Mia, a special suprise that wasn't on the original itinerary. While it's not my favourite musical it was funny, lighthearted and hard to not start singing, and rounded off the perfect day.   

Day 3
Day 3 was reserved mainly for shopping and we spent the morning looking round Macy's. When they say the world's largest store they are not exaggerating, Macy's spans over several floors and 205,000 square metres and is shopping heaven. My favourite part of the shop was obviously the makeup department and where I spent the majority of my time and money! If you'd like to see what I've bought the link to my New York haul is here.

After spending a good few hours in Macy's we made our way to the Flat Iron building where we had another snow ball fight before getting some lunch.

After lunch we made our way to Wall Street where we had a self guided tour around the Federal Reserve Bank. If you like money and are interested banking and finance, then you will find the Federal Reserve Bank really interesting but otherwise I wouldn't say it's the most important place to go if your visiting New York. That being said I found it very useful as a lot of it related to studying economics. 

In the evening we went to watch an ice skating display which included a talk from a paralympian. It was very inspirational and the ice skating was magical. Afterwards we considered doing some ice skating but not many people wanted to go (including myself as I broke my arm ice skating a couple of years ago)!

Day 4
In the morning of day 4 we went to the Top of the Rock Observatory which was amazing! Despite it being a bit fogy when we were right at the top you could still see the view incredibly clearly. You don't realise the scale and the height of the buildings in New York until you see it from 259m in the air. Everything seems unreal, the cars look like toys and the people are the size of ants, suddenly everything is put into perspective.

In the late afternoon we visited the 9/11 memorial and it was truly humbling. Sadness doesn't even begin to cover how devastating the events of the 11th September 2001 were but the memorial is a beautiful tribute to the brave men and women who lost their lives due to the events of 9/11. Visiting the memorial taught me that there are so many things that I didn't know about 9/11, like the Survivor Tree. The Survivor Tree was the only tree left standing after 9/11, it was uprooted and replanted in a nursery where it grew strong and healthy before being replanted at the 9/11 memorial. While the damage is still visible, it is stronger and more beautiful than ever before, giving hope to everyone effected by 9/11. 

For dinner that evening we went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square, and while the food was nothing extraordinary there is lots of very interesting film memorabilia such as a dress that Kate Winslet wore in Titanic (one of my favourite films), so it's like having a meal in the funnest museum ever!  

Day 5
On our last day we went to Brooklyn and visited the Museum of Moving Image, which is seriously cool! The Museum of Moving Image is filled with lots of props from films, the history of film, information on how films are made and an exhibition on video games. Below are some pictures of some of the props they have like all of the makeup used in Sex and the City. I'd really recommend visiting the Museum of Moving Image if you are a movie lover like myself as it is really interesting.

Before we went back to the Hotel to get our luggage and start the journey home, we had time for a quick walk across Brooklyn Bridge. Ideally it would of been nice to have a bit longer on Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy to view of the city or look at the love locks but aside from that it was perfect very much like the entire of my trip.

In this post I will never be able to convey the atmosphere of New York, describe why it is now so special to me or explain precise reasons of why this was possibly the best week of my life. All I can say is that if you ever have the chance to visit New York, you have to go, I promise you that you will not regret it. It is so much better than what you see in the films and pictures does not do not New York's beauty justice.

Have you ever been to New York?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Tell Me About It Stud

2 March 2014
Yesterday I went into town to do a little bit of shopping and while browsing through Primarks new beauty range I spotted this nail gem wheel and decided to pick it up to use in nail art. The wheel includes studs, sparkles and stars in all different sizes and colours and it was only £1! Which is significantly cheaper than practically identical nail gem wheels I've seen in Topshop and Urban Outfitters that are being sold for around £3 or £4.

I was going to use these gold studs on all of my nails but I didn't have the patience as they are quite fiddly. I applied them by dotting them into a tiny bit of clear nail varnish and then picking them up and placing them on my nails using tweezers. 

I hope you've all had a good week, mine has certainly been different! I began the week with New York withdrawal as I was missing the big apple like crazy! Then on Tuesday I got up in front of over 400 people and did a speech on why my peers should vote for me to be the business manager for our Sixth Form in our annual hustings; it was one of the scariest things I've ever done in my life! Tomorrow I'll find out whether people have voted for me and if I've won, and it'll be a long wait until then! Then to round off the week, when I was doing this nail art I spilt the studs all over the floor so I spent about half an hour picking all of them up.

Have you ever used studs in your nail art?

Eleanor xx