Sunday Nails - You Stole My Heart

9 February 2014
Who says singles can't celebrate Valentines? Well whether your heart has been stolen or not, why not celebrate the most romantic day of the year with this pretty and simple negative space nail art. 

Negative space nail art is when you leave part of the nail without polish, in this case the heart, creating the stolen heart effect. I did this using a nail art pen, drawing a heart and then filling in the space outside the heart. Then just outline the heart with a white nail art pen and finish with a glossy topcoat. 

I hope you liked my Valentines nail art design and I'd love to know how you're going to spend Valentines Day! On another note though, I thought I'd just let you guys know that I put up a quick and easy double chocolate cookie recipe on my instagram because they are seriously the yummiest cookies ever! I didn't know if you guys would have been interested in a blog post (since this is mainly a fashion and beauty blog) but if you are interested go check out my instagram!

Eleanor xx
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