Sunday Nails - Pinstripes and Roses

2 February 2014
Unlike previous weeks today there is no explanation to the inspiration of my nail art apart from I thought it would look pretty! I'd already painted my nails this lovely grey colour because I went out last night and I hate having bare nails especially when I'm going to a party, but I wanted to jazz my nails up a bit for this post so I went with pinstripes and roses. 
Roses Nail Art Stripes

I love this look as it contrasts the masculine stripes with the pretty flowers and I've seen a few bloggers do similar looks in the past. For my version I used Sellotape to create the stripes then a toothpick and 3 different shades of pink to create the roses.

Flowers Roses Nails Art Stripes

I hope you liked this post and my nail art, please tell me am I the only one who can't stand having I unpainted nails? 

Eleanor xx
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