Outfit Post - Valentines

12 February 2014
Over the past week I've seen lots of Valentines outfit posts and ideas, the majority of them suggesting that if you are going on a date you should wear your prettiest pink dress. But I was thinking if this guy really likes you, he will love you no matter what you're wearing and let's be honest the majority of guys probably won't even notice! 

River Island Cami, Topshop Skirt, H and M Necklace, Topshop Leather Jacket and Zara Shoes
So this post is less about the clothes you should wear and more about the way your clothes should make you feel: confident, comfortable and sexy! As your valentines date is likely to go 100 times better when you are feeling good about yourself because confidence is attractive. 

I personally feel most confident in black as you all know that it's my go to colour. But I like to experiment a bit with fabrics and texture, this Topshop skirt is a prime example of this. It cuts off at a flattering point on me though I wouldn't complain if there were of couple of extra inches in length and around the hips but sadly Topshop don't make clothes for girls like me with big hips and a small waist! 

Of course you don't have to take my advice, I hardly have experience to give advice seeing as I don't have a Valentine anyway! But whether you are going on a date or not remember one thing; Valentines Day isn't the be all and end all, it's probably going to be the same as the other 364 days this year. And as one of you rightly commented on a previous blog post - Valentines Day is overrated anyway!

Eleanor xx
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