Sunday Nails - Versace

5 January 2014
For my first nail art of 2014 I wanted to do something special, so I decided on a nail art that is inspired by one of my favourite designers: Versace. I originally saw pictures on my tumblr feed of a nail art very similar to this that was inspired by the Versace logo, I loved it and was itching to give it ago myself.

This is quite a difficult nail art in my opinion, purely because of the Greek gorgon Medusa that made the Versace logo so iconic. If you have never heard of the story of Medusa it is basically a greek mythology about an incredibly beautiful women who seduced the Greek god Poseidon, she was punished for this by Athena who turned Medusa into a monster with venomous snakes for hair, and anyone that looked at her would turn into stone. A slightly strange story to inspire the logo of one of top fashion houses in the world but Versace's designs were made to stop people in their tracks.

If you are going to attempt this you're going to need a very steady hand, and it also helps if you have quite big nails or you use false nails. But other than that it is just a white nail varnish and a black nail art pen, no fancy techniques or anything. 

On another note I just wanted to thank the people who have already filled in my questionnaire as it's really helpful knowing what you like and dislike my blog, helping me improve it in the long run as you are the people reading my blog after all. If you haven't filled it out yet it will only take you a couple of minutes at most and I will be forever grateful if you do! 

Eleanor xx
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