Sunday Nails - Louis Vuitton

19 January 2014
When I came to paint my nails yesterday I had a disaster; I realised my sister had taken my brown nail varnish back to uni with her. Any normal person would have painted their nails a different colour but I was set on the idea of a Louis Vuitton nail art design to continue with my designer series. Another colour would not do. So instead I experimented with acrylic paint.

I've used acrylic paint before for my nail art but never as a base colour so I was wary of how it would look, but to my delight my venture into the unknown was successful! Yes with a base coat and a top coat acrylic paint looks as good as any other nail polish but only takes a couple of minutes to dry. Of course you can change the finish be altering the topcoat you use, as I wanted a matte effect I used an OPI matte topcoat but if you prefer glossy nails any normal topcoat will be fine.

Overall I love the finished look and it was very simple to create despite my nail varnish drama! Have you ever used acrylic paint instead of a nail varnish?

Eleanor xx
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