Sunday Nails - Chanel Bouclé

12 January 2014
From what I've heard neutral nails are back in this season with them appearing all over the catwalk at various fashion weeks. But while one colour can look classy and sophisticated it can also be quite boring so I thought I'd include a bit of tweed or bouclé a la Chanel.

Chanel's love affair with tweed began in 1924 when Coco Chanel began a relationship with the then Duke of Westminster and the couple would spend a lot of their time in the Scottish highlands, this inspired Coco to experiment with the traditional woolen fabric that was handwoven by the people living in the highlands. She took the idea back to France with her but her french weavers moaned that it was poor quality and would frequently 'buckle', it was this irregularity that created the signature Chanel bouclé. It's interesting how one of the most iconic fabrics was born from a fault. 

By chance my last two posts have both been very designer inspired so maybe I'll continue it onto a series, who knows? Anyhow I hope you've had a lovely weekend and the first week back at school/college/uni/work/whatever wasn't to painful!

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Eleanor xx
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