Sunday Nails - As Delicate As A Rose

26 January 2014
Some would say that buying fresh roses for my bedroom every week or two is an unnecessary expense but flowers will never seize to intrigue me. Flowers do not only add some much needed colour to my room but they genuinely give me a sense of happiness and sadness as I care for them, water them, watch them bloom and grow before they gracefully die. 

Yes I sound like a freak talking about my love for flowers but there is a reason as the roses that were in my bedroom this week were my inspiration. The pink roses gradually fade away creating a dip dye or ombré effect, which looks so pretty as a nail design! It's easy to create the dip dye by blending away the pink with a sponge (I just use a kitchen sponge) and would be a nice thing to do on valentines day *shudders at the thought of spending yet another valentines alone*.

Does anyone else love roses as much as me or am I obsessed? They're just so pretty! 

Eleanor xx
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