Outfit Post - Do You Know Who I Am?

8 January 2014
Currently I am right in the middle of my January mocks at Sixth Form meaning that I've had an exam every single day this week (excluding Monday) and have been snowed under with revision. So instead of sitting around on my laptop internet shopping and trying to find items to create a wishlist I decided that I'd post some photo's that I took before New Year of one of my favourite outfits of the moment.

New Look Hat, Warehouse Coat, Primark Jumper, River Island Trousers, TK Maxx Bag and Dune Boots

In my survey the majority of feedback I got revolved around me doing more fashion related posts such as OOTD's, so I am going to try my very best to take some more photo's of my outfits even if it means spending hours outside trying to get the right angle using my tripod. If you hadn't already guessed I don't have anyone to take my photo's let alone a professional camera or photographer please bear this in mind as sometimes they won't be the best quality. 

I've been wearing this outfit none stop because most of the items are new and I just can't help myself because as soon as I get new clothes I have to wear them straight away. It has certainly been the case with these leather trousers as I've found lots of different ways to wear them. I've even got away with wearing them to Sixth Form as I haven't been sent home to change (yet) unlike one poor boy who was wearing shorts last week.

But it's not just because a few of my clothes are new that it's one of my favourites as the whole outfit because it makes me feel a lot confident, sophisticated and older. I don't think it's just me as last week one of the girls my sister works with asked her if I was the older sister, which surprised both of us considering my sisters 18 and I'm only 16! My mum's friend also mistook me for being my sister when we bumped into her in town.

It's strange how an outfit can completely change peoples perception of you but then again that's why I like clothes; you can be whoever you want whenever you want depending on the clothes you're wearing. Have you ever been mistaken for being someone else? A sibling? Perhaps a celebrity? Let me know down below.

Eleanor xx
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