January Wishlist

21 January 2014
It's less than a month till I go to New York so theoretically this wishlist should be the things I want to buy to take to New York, but guess what? It's not! It's just your average wishlist of the things that I want and not necessarily the things I need but yolo (Did I really just write yolo in a blog post? Cringe)!

Missguided Blazer Dress - £34.99
Missguided is an amazing place to buy dresses online as they literally have a style to suit everyone in a wide variety of colours and for reasonable prices. So as I was casually browsing through the dresses I saw this beautiful white blazer dress and fell in love. I love this dress as I think it's really unique and the sort of thing you'd spot a celebrity wearing to an event. It may be a little daring for some with it's plunging neckline but if your looking for a dress that'll may you feel sexy and sophisticated then this is one for you!

Pull and Bear Jeans - £25.99
It may come to a surprise to you that I don't own any denim jeans. Don't get me wrong I've always wanted a nice pair but I've never found the right pair until now! These distressed jeans from Pull and Bear are the right colour and are in between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans in style. What's even better is that they're a lot cheaper than Topshop or American Apparel  jeans as they're £25.99, which to me is a very reasonable price.

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails
For those of you who do not know Tanya Burr is a beautiful makeup artist, blogger and youtuber, and at the end of this month she is releasing her very own collection of nail varnish and lip glosses. Knowing Tanya, the collection will be full of wearable and cute 
shades that'll suit almost everybody and I'm sure the formulas will be great. The collection will include 12 lip glosses and 10 nail varnishes and will be released on the 30th January on Feel Unique.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer
I am obsessed with polaroids and polaroid cameras but I've never bought myself one because I'm not the most photogenic of people so I have to take a lot of pictures before I get a nice one. So when Fujifilm announced last week that they were releasing a smartphone Polaroid printer I was so excited! The printer allows you to wirelessly print pictures off your smartphone via an app, this means you can print off any picture you like at any time and also allows you to edit your photos with filters. It's such a great idea and I'll definitely be saving up for one when they're released in April.

Missguided PVC Baby Blue Midi Skirt - £19.99
I love this skirt and I just think that it's adorable! Normally I'm quite scared of materials such as PVC because I don't want people to mistake me for a prostitute, but the baby blue makes the PVC seem a lot less scary and more innocent. I think this skirt would look gorgeous for spring paired with a pastel blue crop top, a long coat and some heels a la Kim K style!

What things are on your wishlist this month?

Eleanor xx
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