January Haul

14 January 2014
This is an official warning if you hate the colour black and jumpers as you will hate this haul as soon we will establish that I have an obsession with black jumpers, well not even just black jumpers but the colour black all round. Yes whenever I'm shopping I will be frequently heard exclaiming "This would look so much better in black" yes I am really ashamed no, I'm not even ashamed anymore that half of my wardrobe is filled with black clothes and a quarter is filled with white clothes. So if you hate monochrome, please avert your eyes, if not enjoy the haul!

I love Timberlands and have wanted a pair of my own for such a long time. I always see pictures of celebrities such as the Kardashians and Rihanna wearing them because they are not only beautiful but practical in the winter weather. So when I went to Clarks Village with my mother just before Christmas we decided to pop into the Timberland outlet shop to see if I could grab a pair.

Junior Timberland Boots £45 (rrp £80)
Womens Classic Timberlands retail in normal shops for £160 with in my opinion is a lot to pay for a pair of boots, in the outlet shop they were selling them for about £80 with is half price and a huge discount but I still knew I could get them cheaper. So being the bargain hunter that I am I asked the sales assistant what size the children's range up to, to my delight she said a size 6! So I asked if they had a pair in a size 5 (my size) and they did so I bought a pair not only for myself but also for my sister! As I bought them from the Children's range they were significantly cheaper at £45 and practically identical to the current season adult boots, bargain!

While mooching round the sales on boxing day I spotted this black sweatshirt in H and M and was immediately attracted to it, probably due to my obsession with black! While it's not a very thick sweatshirt it has this beautiful cut out detail at the top that reminds me of roman architecture which I've always thought was beautiful. The detail also gives the sweatshirt dimension and texture which makes this black jumper a lot more interesting and the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring.

H and M Jumper £7
I've only ever been in Pull And Bear once before and that was when I was on holiday in Portugal, but I instantly loved it and was disappointed we didn't have one in either of my local cities, until now. A few weeks ago a new Pull And Bear store opened in Cabot Circus Bristol and I was delighted, so I picked up a few things including the cropped black jumper. I love the quilting across the front, it has a really amazing structure and looks amazing when it's on!

Pull And Bear Cropped Jumper £9.99
I also got this polo neck jumper which was in the sale reduced to £9.99. It's incredibly warm and will keep my cosy on the streets of New York during February. Despite how it looks in the picture, it's very tight and fitted which I really like. Also it makes me feel really clever and arty when I wear it because for some reason I imagine all smart and creative people wear polo neck jumpers? Maybe it because Steve Jobs always wore them who knows haha!

Pull And Bear Polo Neck Jumper £9.99
Now normally I avoid Primark in the sales but when I was in town last weekend it was unusually quiet so I popped in to have a look around. I spotted this top on a rail saying all items were reduced to £2 and I decided it was to cheap to not buy it. I had been considering buying it full price anyway as it's really versatile and it isn't see through unlike some of Primarks clothes!

Primark Top £2
This little cropped jumper was also on the £2 rail in the sale and I thought that both items would go well together! I also have another jumper in this same material which I wear all the time so I knew that this would get a lot of wear!

Primark Jumper £2
You see what I mean now? It's a serious obsession! But I guess there are worse things to be addicted to like Leonardo DiCaprio drugs. Have you picked up anything in the sales?

Eleanor xx
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