Sunday Nails - Far Far Fair Isle Away

1 December 2013
Hello December 2013 and all of the joy that you bring along with it! Finally we can put up our Christmas decorations, play Christmas music and stuff our faces with vast amounts of chocolate without feeling guilty in slightest. So to get us into the Christmas spirit I decided to do nail art inspired by a pattern that would be fit for any beautiful Christmas jumper: fair isle.

I love this nail varnish, I feel like it's the perfect Christmas red. Plus you'd never guess that it was free with some Colgate tooth paste! To make it even better it's Nails Inc! Pretty amazing freebie if I do say so myself. As you have probably already guessed to do the nail art I used my favourite white nail art pen from Models Own. I was going to attempt to do a Christmas tree but my hand started shaking so I thought I'd going for something a bit simpler!

As this nail art is inspired by Christmas jumpers please can you guys tell me about Christmas jumper etiquette? Like when is it okay to wear one? Or where is the best place to get one from? Or do you go ultra ugly a la Briget Jones style or simple and understated? I have never owned a Christmas jumper and therefore need your help before I delve into this unknown world.

Eleanor xx
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