What's In My Bag?

20 November 2013
I love the what's in my bag tag it is one of my favourite types of blog posts to read or YouTube videos to watch. It's probably just because I'm nosy but I know that other people also enjoy this sorts of posts, so I thought it was about time I got round to doing my own.

Tk Maxx
In my bag I try to carry things that will aid me in every eventually, such as variations in weather, having a cold, being injured, being thirsty, bad breath, ruining my makeup and any situation that may need money! To some it may seem excessive but for me it is crucial and I can say that I've used everything that I carry in my bag and I've also lent things to other people who wished they'd had such items in their bag!

001 Makeup Bag - The Body Shop - I'll probably do another post on my makeup essentials that I carry round with me.
002 Purse - Dune - Note: the purse is only useful if it's got money in which sadly mine hardly ever does.
003 Sunglasses - Primark - No one likes the sun in their eyes plus they provide a great disguise if you're trying to hide from someone.
004 House Keys - I've forgotten my house keys so many times now that I have to keep a set of keys in every bag I own. I feel like Holly Golightly but a lot less gorgeous and without a cat.
005 Umbrella - What can I say? The British weather is unpredictable.
006 Plasters - Superdrug - My shoes always rub me to the point where they start to bleed, so plasters reduce the pain and stop me bleeding all over the shop.
007 Tissues - Honestly how many times have you had a cold and been without a tissue? More than you'd like to admit I'm sure!
008 Hand Sanitiser - The Body Shop - Any hand sanitiser is a necessity as public places can be quite dirty but I especially love this one as it smells like strawberries, YUM!
009 Tic tacs - My favourite mints, the only mints I've tried that don't blow my mind with their minty-ness. 
010 Bottle of water - Great for keeping hydrated and saves money on buying drinks all the time.

If you've done a what's in my bag post or video leave the link below as I love them. If not tell me what are your handbag essentials?

Eleanor xx
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