Sunday Nails - Neutral Aztec

10 November 2013
I love doing crazy colourful nail art but sometimes you just want to be a bit more subtle and understated, and that is how I felt this week. It's been my first week back at school since the half term break and I'm trying to keep cool, calm and collected as I get back into my routine and that is definitely reflected on my nails.

The truth is that I'm worn out and just couldn't be bothered to experiment, nor did I have the time with all of my school work, helping out at open evenings, watching drama performances and trying to get my room back together after decorating. That being said it's nice not to worry about getting paint under my nails now we've finished painting, but my room still isn't finished! 

Before I get new wardrobes my parents have suggested I look for a new carpet as I still have the original carpet that was in the house when my parents moved in just before I was born, yes the carpet is that old (now you can see why I got a rug haha!) But when I get a new carpet I do not know let alone new wardrobes, but I promise when I do that I will either do a room tour post or YouTube video. (If you want a sneak peak of how my room is starting to look check out my Instagram.)

Do you ever get those weeks when you just cannot be bothered to make a huge effort?

Eleanor xx
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