Sunday Nails - Burgundy Baroque

3 November 2013
Brrrrrrr I'm so cold, in fact constantly freezing now we have entered the month of November. My temperature is not helped by the fact that for the next two days we cannot put on the heating while the radiator that we've painted in my room dries *sighs and goes to put on two sets of thermals, three jumpers, a pair of leggings, a onesie, two pairs of fluffy socks and slippers*.

So to exercise my hands and to keep them warm I have attempted a rather complicated baroque nail art on a burgundy base, very wintry if I do say so myself. In my opinion this nail art is very elegant but was also a pain in the bum to do as you need a very steady hand (something that is difficult to achieve when you're shivering)!

I hope you aren't as chilly as I am but if you are I hope this has cheered you up a bit (I don't know why nail art would cheer you up but hey ho)!

Eleanor xx
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