Sunday Nails - Autumn Leaves

17 November 2013
Last week while I was waiting for my father to pick my up from Sixth Form I noticed that I was standing in a huge pile of leaves that covered the floor like a blanket. It was only then that I realised how beautiful leaves are when they've fallen from their tree. I find it weird that leaves are more beautiful when they're dead than when they're actually hanging on a tree. WEIRD.

As leaves are so festive and pretty what better inspiration for my nails this Sunday? To keep with the autumnal theme I decided to buy myself a burgundy nail varnish while I was in town today so I could use it for this nail art. I used a Barry M Nail Paint in 115 Red Black for those of you wondering. I was a bit lazy and only did the nail art on my ring finger but sometimes I think it's best not to go over the top.

What are you doing to get into the festive spirit? Apart from admiring piles of leaves I've got Christmas candles burning left right and centre, not next to the leaves I might add that would be a for hazard.

Eleanor xx
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