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November Rate Or Hate

29 November 2013
I know I say this every month but wow November has gone fast! I feel like I've been slacking this month with my blog but my studies have got to come first and A Levels are pretty demanding! But unlike previous months, this month I haven't struggled thinking of my rate and hate for this month. 

So here it is this months Rate Or Hate...

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray and the Balance me Pure Skin Face Wash

Rate -
Ever since I bleached my hair I've been worried about the blonde fading. That's because if the blonde fades I'll have to re-bleach it, which I fear will end in a disaster in which all my hair will fall out. So to avoid that I bought the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray to try maintain my ombré. 

I use the spray once a week after I've washed my hair, spraying it through the ends of my hair and combing it through. I always feel my hair looks blonder after I've used it and definetly more tonal. It's a great way to maintain blonde and it's worked really well on my hair, so all in all I'd really recommend it! Also my friend (who has naturally blonde hair) used it during the summer and it worked really well on her hair as well, so it should work on all types of blondes.

Hate -
I got this as a sample free in a magazine back in the summer and never used it until I ran out of my usual cleanser at the start of this month and found this at the back of my drawers. The first thing I noticed about the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash as soon as I opened the bottle was the smell. The scent of the face wash is intensly overpowering and hideous. I'm not very good at describing scents but all I can say is that this smells like old ladies, lavender and musk.

The strong scent not only irritated my nose but my skin, inflaming my spots leaving my skin red and sore. Nasty. So unless you like the smell of old people and red puffy spots I wouldn't really recommend it! Of course it may not react to everyone's skin but if strong fragrances often irritate your skin you were warned!

I hope you've enjoyed this post but I was just wondering that next month instead of a rate or hate you'd like to see a post about my favourite products this year? Seeing as it will be the end of the year and all that! 

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Hundreds and Hundreds

24 November 2013
I cannot believe that tomorrow it will be a month till Christmas! Its come around so quickly and I haven't even began to think about what I'm going to buy my friends and family let alone when I'm going to go Christmas shopping! Don't worry though I promise that I'll try not to talk about Christmas in everyone of my posts from now and the 25th December.

You'll probably be thankful to know that today my nail art isn't Christmas themed (though there will be some in December) but instead a pretty and delicate pattern. I did this pattern with a toothpick, some nail varnish and a steady hand! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you're getting just as excited as me about Christmas! I don't know whether you guys noticed or not but this is actually my 100th post on my blog! I kind of wanted to do something special for my 100th post but there are so many days in a week and not enough for me to come up with some miraculous idea for a special post! 

Eleanor xx

What's In My Bag?

20 November 2013
I love the what's in my bag tag it is one of my favourite types of blog posts to read or YouTube videos to watch. It's probably just because I'm nosy but I know that other people also enjoy this sorts of posts, so I thought it was about time I got round to doing my own.

Tk Maxx
In my bag I try to carry things that will aid me in every eventually, such as variations in weather, having a cold, being injured, being thirsty, bad breath, ruining my makeup and any situation that may need money! To some it may seem excessive but for me it is crucial and I can say that I've used everything that I carry in my bag and I've also lent things to other people who wished they'd had such items in their bag!

001 Makeup Bag - The Body Shop - I'll probably do another post on my makeup essentials that I carry round with me.
002 Purse - Dune - Note: the purse is only useful if it's got money in which sadly mine hardly ever does.
003 Sunglasses - Primark - No one likes the sun in their eyes plus they provide a great disguise if you're trying to hide from someone.
004 House Keys - I've forgotten my house keys so many times now that I have to keep a set of keys in every bag I own. I feel like Holly Golightly but a lot less gorgeous and without a cat.
005 Umbrella - What can I say? The British weather is unpredictable.
006 Plasters - Superdrug - My shoes always rub me to the point where they start to bleed, so plasters reduce the pain and stop me bleeding all over the shop.
007 Tissues - Honestly how many times have you had a cold and been without a tissue? More than you'd like to admit I'm sure!
008 Hand Sanitiser - The Body Shop - Any hand sanitiser is a necessity as public places can be quite dirty but I especially love this one as it smells like strawberries, YUM!
009 Tic tacs - My favourite mints, the only mints I've tried that don't blow my mind with their minty-ness. 
010 Bottle of water - Great for keeping hydrated and saves money on buying drinks all the time.

If you've done a what's in my bag post or video leave the link below as I love them. If not tell me what are your handbag essentials?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Autumn Leaves

17 November 2013
Last week while I was waiting for my father to pick my up from Sixth Form I noticed that I was standing in a huge pile of leaves that covered the floor like a blanket. It was only then that I realised how beautiful leaves are when they've fallen from their tree. I find it weird that leaves are more beautiful when they're dead than when they're actually hanging on a tree. WEIRD.

As leaves are so festive and pretty what better inspiration for my nails this Sunday? To keep with the autumnal theme I decided to buy myself a burgundy nail varnish while I was in town today so I could use it for this nail art. I used a Barry M Nail Paint in 115 Red Black for those of you wondering. I was a bit lazy and only did the nail art on my ring finger but sometimes I think it's best not to go over the top.

What are you doing to get into the festive spirit? Apart from admiring piles of leaves I've got Christmas candles burning left right and centre, not next to the leaves I might add that would be a for hazard.

Eleanor xx

November Wishlist

14 November 2013
Finally my student card has come after a couple of months of waiting and it getting lost in the post. What does that have to do with anything? I hear you ask, well my friend I can now go shopping and feel slightly less guilty about spending my money if I get discount. Oh yes (be jealous) as this is what I'm going to buy:

Topshop Check A-Line Skirt - £42
I saw this skirt in Topshop in Birmingham and fell in love! I think it's a cross between Cher in Clueless and a biker, and it's very different to a lot of other tartan skirts I've seen about. Okay £42 is quite expensive but it's so pretty, I need it!

New Look Black Ankle Boots - £27.99
I've seen so many expensive black boots with this 'workman' sole on blogs and in the shops all around the £70-£80 price mark, so was quite shocked to see these beauties on the New Look website for £27.99. In the past I've bought loads of shoes from New Look and they've always been great value for money so if that's anything to go buy these would definetly last you through the cold winter months.

River Island Leather Look Trousers - £35
I've always wanted a pair of leather look trousers but I've never found a pair I liked or if I have they've always been really expensive, but these are perfect. I saw these on Tar Mar and they looked amazing on her which just made me want them even more!

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Set - £29.99
Real Techniques is by far my favourite brand for makeup brushes and I currently own the Core Collection set and the Starter Set. The newest set that Real Techniques are launching is full of Samatha Chapman's favourite brushes, the set includes the multi task brush, the buffing brush, essential crease brush, setting brush, pointed foundation brush and the fine liner brush. The set is being released this month.

Topshop Lip Crayon in Suspect - £7
I've been looking for the perfect dark lipstick all month, I started looking at Mac lipsticks (my favourite brand for lipsticks) but I just could find the right colour and I wasn't going to spend £15 if I wasn't in love with the shade. Topshop's Lip Crayon in Suspect is the perfect dark burgendy lipstick that is each to apply because it's in the shape of a crayon (obz haha) and for £7 what's not to love?

I hoped you liked this post and what I'm hoping to buy this month. Oh and for those of you wondering the shopping ban didn't work out as you probably guessed, I'm sorry okay...

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Neutral Aztec

10 November 2013
I love doing crazy colourful nail art but sometimes you just want to be a bit more subtle and understated, and that is how I felt this week. It's been my first week back at school since the half term break and I'm trying to keep cool, calm and collected as I get back into my routine and that is definitely reflected on my nails.

The truth is that I'm worn out and just couldn't be bothered to experiment, nor did I have the time with all of my school work, helping out at open evenings, watching drama performances and trying to get my room back together after decorating. That being said it's nice not to worry about getting paint under my nails now we've finished painting, but my room still isn't finished! 

Before I get new wardrobes my parents have suggested I look for a new carpet as I still have the original carpet that was in the house when my parents moved in just before I was born, yes the carpet is that old (now you can see why I got a rug haha!) But when I get a new carpet I do not know let alone new wardrobes, but I promise when I do that I will either do a room tour post or YouTube video. (If you want a sneak peak of how my room is starting to look check out my Instagram.)

Do you ever get those weeks when you just cannot be bothered to make a huge effort?

Eleanor xx

October Rate Or Hate

8 November 2013
I'm late, I'm late, I'm very very late! Okay, I know we're already well in November and this post is very overdue but I thought I'd post my October Rate or Hate anyway because I would've felt guilty not doing some sort of favourite post for two months on the trot. 

Rate -
This month I've really been loving the look of dark eyes and dark lips but surprisingly I don't own many dark lipsticks apart from one: 2True Colour Drench Lipstick in no. 2. I cannot tell you how many compliments I've had on this lipstick this month and people asking me what lipstick I'm wearing. So when I tell them that I'm wearing a 2True lipstick they're often very surprised, as 2True is a very cheap brand that not many people think of buying makeup from. 

This lipstick is the perfect shade of brown, not too dark and with a slight plum undertone. It's quite moisturizing and glossy for a cheap lipstick and for the price I'm very impressed with it, even if the packaging isn't that pretty.

Hate - 
If you often read my Sunday Nails posts then you'll have heard me mention this nail varnish before. All I can really say about it, is how disappointed I am that is 'matte' nail varnish isn't actually very matte at all, which is why I bought it. It's just so annoying because for £6 I expect the nail varnish to be good and worth the money, where as the matte nail varnish I bought by Barry M is actually matte and it was nearly half the price of the Topshop one. How. Annoying.

Have you tried either of these products? Or maybe have some recommendations of products you've loved this month? If so you know what to do;)

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Burgundy Baroque

3 November 2013
Brrrrrrr I'm so cold, in fact constantly freezing now we have entered the month of November. My temperature is not helped by the fact that for the next two days we cannot put on the heating while the radiator that we've painted in my room dries *sighs and goes to put on two sets of thermals, three jumpers, a pair of leggings, a onesie, two pairs of fluffy socks and slippers*.

So to exercise my hands and to keep them warm I have attempted a rather complicated baroque nail art on a burgundy base, very wintry if I do say so myself. In my opinion this nail art is very elegant but was also a pain in the bum to do as you need a very steady hand (something that is difficult to achieve when you're shivering)!

I hope you aren't as chilly as I am but if you are I hope this has cheered you up a bit (I don't know why nail art would cheer you up but hey ho)!

Eleanor xx