Sunday Nails - Frankenstein

20 October 2013
This is the second Halloween nail art in my mini Halloween nail art series but this time it's a little more obvious as it's inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Frankenstein is like the monster of all Halloween Monsters and a popular choice for many people to dress up as on Halloween but if you don't fancy painting yourself green then this may be a perfect solution!

Frankenstein Nail Art

As a base colour I used OPI's Did It On Em' from the Nicki Minaj Collection, I then used my Black Models Own Nail Art Pen to create the black messy hair and stitched mouth and then my White Models Own Nail Art Pen for the eyes. It was quite quick, simple and easy and if you go slightly wrong it doesn't really matter as it just makes your little Frankensteins look a bit more creepy!

Frankenstein Nail Art

Next week will be my last Halloween themed Sunday Nails so if you have any special requests let me know down below.

Eleanor xx
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