Sunday Nails - Disco Drippin'

27 October 2013
After I took the pictures for today's Sunday Nails I had to do something devastatingly tragic. Cut my nail very very short. WHY?! I hear the scream after spending weeks growing them and shaping into a perfect point? And the answer is that my nail were so damaged that my nails were bending and breaking right in the middle and the only solution was to cut them off and start again. So let's reminisce my long nails together with my last Halloween nail art.

Right so this isn't the scariest nail art but I still think it counts as a Halloween nail art because of the dripping blood. I think it's pretty, unusual and perfect if your going out clubbing on Halloween because of the way the light hits the hollographic nail polish making it shimmer and sparkle specks of rainbow.

I hope you liked my not so scary Halloween nail art and this mini series has given you a few ideas about how you want to paint your nails on Halloween. But what I really want to know is which one was your favourite? 

Eleanor xx
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